Yesterday, the New York Mets announced the dates that they will retire Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry’s numbers this upcoming season.  The date for Gooden’s number is April 14, and for Strawberry, it’s June 1.

Both are well deserving. They were two of the Mets’ biggest and brightest stars in the 1980s decade, providing lots of winning and excitement.

Growing up a Mets fan in the late 80’s, this means a lot to me. Especially for Strawberry because he was my favorite player growing up and the first baseball player I ever heard of. So, he was a big reason why I became a baseball and Mets fan.

Strawberry had one of the sweetest and effortless power swings. So strong in his build, he made hitting home runs look easy and exciting. Every time he made contact with the ball and his bat, it always felt like it was going to go out for a home run, and he hit some of them hard and long where no other hitter can hit at.

As a Met for eight seasons, Strawberry hit 252 home runs, drove in 733 runs, scored 662 runs, and stole 191 bases. Those 252 home runs still rank No. 1 in franchise history.

So, April 14 and June 1 will be special moments for the Mets franchise with the retired numbers of two Mets legends who were instrumental in the franchise’s last World Series title in 1986 and who excelled on the mound (Gooden) and at the plate (Strawberry).

But especially on June 1 for me personally because I grew up a huge Strawberry fan and he helped jumpstart my love for baseball and the Mets.

3 comments on “A Darryl Strawberry fan who can’t wait for June 1

  • TexasGusCC

    I could see honoring them in a certain capacity, but not retiring their numbers. And, while I wrote a piece comparing all the Mets hitters a few years back and found Strawberry to be the best, I don’t think it was long enough to put a number up. I feel we are setting the bar too low.

    I wouldn’t even entertain Gooden for two good years. Should we do DeGrom too? Maybe Harvey?

  • Hobie

    I agree with Gus.
    That both threw their careers away is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportion—something to lament, not celebrate. Most disappointing Mets ever.

    • TexasGusCC

      Hobie, I am not saying that necessarily. And, I believe both rebounded and had success with the Yankees (Gooden even got his no hitter). But my point is, is 250 or so homeruns worthy of number retirement? And say, well he was the overall best offensive player -to which I obviously agree – is Gooden’s two fantastic years and two good years better than deGrom’s? Are we ready to retire deGrom’s 48? I’m just looking at the onfield stuff and won’t speak to the other stuff. It’s not fair to the individuals who are human beings and we all do things we wish we hadn’t.

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