If the magic genie granted you a wish that would make one player on the Mets along with one prospect to turn in great years, who would they be? There doesn’t seem to be a slam-dunk answer to either part of this equation. It’s tough to pick the established stars – Pete Alonso, Francisco Lindor, Brandon Nimmo – because we kind of expect those players to be great without any outside help. It’s tough to pick up the free agents signed this offseason because if they’re great – they go elsewhere next year.

Starling Marte would have to merit consideration. How nice it would be to put him down for the 5.3 fWAR he had in 2021. But you might prefer that big year to come from someone younger. Any of the three Baby Mets from a year ago who are now healthy would be solid picks, too. But maybe a depth starter like Tylor Megill should be the pick. If they’re going to give him anything close to the 25 starts from a season ago, it would be nice to have him be, you know, not mediocre.

And the minor league pick wouldn’t be any easier. My thinking is that it needs to be a pitcher. But which one? Mike Vasil‘s the one who’s closest to the majors, so he might be the guy. But wouldn’t it be something if Christian Scott could successfully follow up on the hype generated from last year’s 87.2 IP? Blade Tidwell mixed dominance and lousiness in his starts a season ago at two levels. It would be nice if it was all dominance. And Tyler Stuart gets forgotten some but he was one 1 IP outing in Double-A from having a better ERA at that level than Scott. Finally, Calvin Ziegler might have been the club’s top minor league hurler coming into last year but injuries kept him out nearly the entire season. It would be reasonable to pick the guy who would be in his age-21 season to be great.

8 comments on “Wednesday catch-all thread (2/21/24)

  • Footballhead

    The baby Met I wish would have a good/great year would be Baty. It would be wonderful to have 3B sewn up for the next few years without a worry. While I also wish Vientos well as being a solid DH, I will have to go with Baty. I also think that pick/wish for Marte on your part would be the veteran I’d like to see be more like he was in 2022. Future reinforcements though are on the way for him, so yeah, a pitcher would be preferable.

  • Metsense

    Mark Vientos to have a year like his 2021 year, 281/352/581/933, and play a defensely adequate third base, DH and 1B. He is the forgotten man. Last year he led the team in hits in spring training but he still was sent down. A good year makes the potential power loss of Alonso more bearable.
    For the prospect, Jett Williams in centerfield. Although Bader is a great defensive player he only has one year contract and he hasn’t a good offensive year since 2021. Williams athleticism would be a nice shot in the arm for the Mets.

  • Bob P

    I’m with Footballhead on Baty. He’s been great in the minors and it would be great to have him reach his potential in the Bigs. Someone like Marte would be nice but that would be a short term fix. Baty could be here for years if he produces.

    As far as minor leaguers, I don’t have a particular preference, but would love to see any of the pitchers you metioned step up. I would love for one of them to exceed their current perceived ceilings. It’s too much to ask for another deGrom, but to have any of them exceed expectations would be huge for next year’s rotation.

  • Steve_S.

    If Brett Baty could have a great year, say an .800 OPS+ with average fielding at 3B, that would mean a lot to solidify the Mets infield and lineup.

    As for a prospect, I’ll go with Nate Lavender as a short-term reliever who gets to the majors and surprises. As for longer term, I’m pulling for Jett Williams and Daniel Juarez to get to AAA and do well! And really long term, I’m thinking that Nolan McLean will make it as a reliever eventually, with some PHing now and then.

  • Mike W

    I just read that Senga is dealing with arm fatigue. Arrghhh. It’s February 21st.

    • CharlieH

      I, of course, am fearing the worst.

  • NYM6986

    I’m in on Baty and Vientos as well. If they perform well it alleviates our 3B and DH worries. Senga arm issues is alarming as he is the #1 starter unlike last year when he was a #3 who pitched like a #1. Time for Megill and his new pitch to step up.

  • Paulc

    Baty at 290/350/500 (prime HoJo numbers) and Marte at 280/340/440 (a bit below his career averages). It fills 2 of the 3 holes in the lineup. Admittedly optimistic, but that’s the exercise.

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