3 comments on “Christian Scott versus the Marlins (3/20/24)

  • Dan Capwell

    This is the 4th wave of pitching prospects for the Mets during my fandom. The first was in the early 1980’s with Roger McDowell, Doc, Darling, Sid and Walt Terrell, they also had a second wave in that batch that they used in deals to get Keith, Gary Carter, Bob Ojeda and HoJo. Then, the infamous Generation K, in the mid 1990’s about which the less said the better!

    Then for a long time…. nothing. Fast forward to 2013-15, and Harvey, Thor, Wheeler, Matz, and of course deGrom. 4 of those 5 helped lift them to a surprise WS berth in 2015. Once again however injuries took their toll, with deGrom the last man standing, but what a stand!

    Now this group. If you drink all of the Kool-Aid proffered on the Mets Pod, there’s Scott, Hamel, Vasil, Stuart, Sproat, Ziegler, and their new fave Nolan McLean. Maybe Butto as well. Hopefully this group is closer to the 1980’s wave than the Gen K one. If three of them can become mainstays and others packaged for impact players, we can party like it’s 1986 again!

    • Brian Joura

      I was a bit bearish on Scott, thinking it was a little too optimistic to consider him a top-100 prospect based on fewer than 90 IP.

      But he was impressive today. Both his fastball and his sinker were solidly in the mid-90s and he seemed to overpower the Marlins. Now, no one will confuse the Marlins with a great offensive team and they sat most of their regulars. But he was facing a lineup of a couple of starters and the rest were MLB reserves. So, it wasn’t like he was facing a bunch of 19 year olds.

      He got a bunch of swings on sliders/sweepers out of the zone. But he left some offspeed stuff middle-middle. It’s control over command now with those pitches. And that’s the final hurdle. You can get away with a bunch of balls like that in Double-A. Not so much in the majors, though.

      • TexasGusCC

        From Will Sammon in The Athletic:

        At one point during Mets prospect Christian Scott’s start on Wednesday, Miami Marlins utility man Nick Gordon asked teammates a question: “Does he have a Cy Young yet?”

        Told that Scott has yet to pitch in a major-league game, Gordon quipped, “Man, looks like the Cy Young to me.”

        Scott, whom most prospect lists rank as the Mets’ best arm in the farm system, hasn’t even pitched in Triple A.

        “His fastball has some life,” Gordon said. “He’s got a bright future.”

        Scott looked sharp in a four-inning outing that turned some heads. He allowed just one run and two hits (no walks). He recorded seven strikeouts: Jon Berti (twice), Vidal Brujan (twice), Dane Myers, Trey Mancini and Gordon.

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