Brian Yesterday at 1:41 pm
Game 2
OK Severino – prove me wrong
Name Yesterday at 1:42 pm
hi Brian
Brian Yesterday at 1:42 pm
97 mph
Hey Name – have good seats yesterday?
Name Yesterday at 1:42 pm
i just bought standing room. and it was a good thing because it was too cold to sit down
going back tomorrow though and sitting in coca cola seats
Brian Yesterday at 1:44 pm
So, where do you stand on the 2024 Mets?
Name Yesterday at 1:45 pm
i don’t believe in the starters so not very enthused about this team
Brian Yesterday at 1:46 pm
Well, ST results didn’t mean much for Severino here in the 1st inning…
Name Yesterday at 1:46 pm
was Severino this bad in spring?
Brian Yesterday at 1:47 pm
No, he was terrific
Name Yesterday at 1:49 pm
not a good debut
Excited Explorer Yesterday at 1:50 pm
Oh well, the Baby Mets Pt will be up in July.
Brian Yesterday at 1:52 pm
A hit!
Name Yesterday at 1:52 pm
doubled the team’s season output
Brian Yesterday at 1:55 pm
And we have our first rally of the year
Welcome, Excited Explorer
Excited Explorer Yesterday at 1:55 pm
Another hit batter,retaliate!
Brian Yesterday at 1:55 pm
You can click the person icon to change your user name
Name Yesterday at 2:00 pm
first bases loaded chance
and a lazy fly ball
Brian Yesterday at 2:02 pm
My laptop decided to reboot with Marte up. I take it we didn’t score…
Name Yesterday at 2:03 pm
Marte walked. McNeil lazy fly to CF
Brian Yesterday at 2:04 pm
Excited Explorer Yesterday at 2:05 pm
3-0 already? Take a deep breath,it’s still early
Name Yesterday at 2:09 pm
Severino looking very hittable
lots of hangers
Brian Yesterday at 2:11 pm
Seems to be a lot of wishful thinking around him
1 down, 35 to go
Name Yesterday at 2:12 pm
is that your prediction?
Brian Yesterday at 2:13 pm
This at least the 3rd time that Gary mentioned that Bader can’t hit RHP
C’mon Gary – it was a soft-hit ball by Bader. It wasn’t a great def. play
Name Yesterday at 2:16 pm
that would be the 2nd highest C HR season in the last 10 years, behind only Salvador Perez’s 48 in 2021
Brian Yesterday at 2:18 pm
If it balances things out, I also predicted a .231 AVG
Name Yesterday at 2:23 pm
hanging slider
Brian Yesterday at 2:23 pm
Name Yesterday at 2:23 pm
everything is middle of the plate or outside with Severino
Brian Yesterday at 2:24 pm
My Severino forecast — 65.2 IP, 5.48 ERA, 1.401 WHIP, 8.4 K/9, 1.7 HR/9
Name Yesterday at 2:25 pm
so are you thinking (fake) injury, pen, or released?
Brian Yesterday at 2:26 pm
Injury, although released would be nice, too
Name Yesterday at 2:29 pm
4 IP is probably the best we can hope for today
Yohan Ramirez is probably the other long guys besides Tonkin i’m guessing
Brian Yesterday at 2:33 pm
Yes, he can go 2, maybe 3 if necessary
Name Yesterday at 2:35 pm
but we don’t know if Mendoza prefers 1 inning stints or multi inning appearances
Brian Yesterday at 2:37 pm
Tonkin pitched 2 yesterday
Name Yesterday at 2:39 pm
first non-HR run!
Brian Yesterday at 2:49 pm
Results aside, Severino’s pitches haven’t been sharp
Name Yesterday at 2:51 pm
dang, AAA starting in March as well?
Bader out by a mile
Brian Yesterday at 2:53 pm
Has anyone good for the Mets ever worn #44?
Excited Explorer Yesterday at 2:53 pm
It’s not over
Metsense Yesterday at 2:54 pm
Hi guys
Name Yesterday at 2:55 pm
bref has Darling wearing 44 in his first 2 seasons
Brian Yesterday at 2:56 pm
Mike Cameron is probably the best hitter
Excited Explorer Yesterday at 2:57 pm
Buyers remorse,Hoskins would have been a good DH!
Name Yesterday at 2:58 pm
that’s 11 of Severino now
now 12. ugly WHIP
Brian Yesterday at 2:59 pm
to go along with a worse ERA
Metsense Yesterday at 3:01 pm
I’m not saying anything about Severino. Not yet .
Brian Yesterday at 3:02 pm
Not even – He needs to be a lot better than this
Name Yesterday at 3:08 pm
I’m not saying anything about Severino. Not yet . always the optimist
Metsense Yesterday at 3:09 pm
No name, I don’t want him on the team and my rejection
And my projection said so.
Brian Yesterday at 3:10 pm
Maybe if he blows up in his next start, too, that will kill your optimism.
Metsense Yesterday at 3:10 pm
I could have said I told you so but I didn’t
Brian Yesterday at 3:15 pm
Diekman gets it done in his first outing. Maybe we should skip Severino and just have a bullpen game.
Metsense Yesterday at 3:15 pm
Jake did well
Jolly Guest Yesterday at 3:17 pm
Let’s get back in the game,score 2,3 runs!
Brian Yesterday at 3:18 pm
Welcome, Jolly Guest
Jolly Guest Yesterday at 3:19 pm
Lot of depth in the BP
Brian Yesterday at 3:20 pm
Yes, bullpen should be much better than a year ago
Jolly Guest Yesterday at 3:21 pm
the starters not so much
Metsense Yesterday at 3:21 pm
Now we have to get a lead to use it properly
Brian Yesterday at 3:24 pm
Manaea will do that. Hope he pitches tomorrow
Metsense Yesterday at 3:28 pm
That is b***
Jolly Guest Yesterday at 3:30 pm
Tex will be happy. Let’s hope Lindor or Alonso don’t get hurt.
Brian Yesterday at 3:34 pm
If they were going to get a reliever ejected, they should have picked Lopez
What are you swinging at, Bader?
I don’t think he swung but too many Ks for Nimmo
Metsense Yesterday at 3:43 pm
I don’t think he swung either
Outgoing Dreamer Yesterday at 3:45 pm
Brian Yesterday at 3:45 pm
DJ Stewart to PH, really?
Name Yesterday at 3:46 pm
Outgoing Dreamer Yesterday at 3:46 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 3:47 pm
Taylor has good numbers with righteous
Brian Yesterday at 3:48 pm
Should have kept Vientos over that guy
Name Yesterday at 3:56 pm
Ottovino still easy to run on
Brian Yesterday at 4:03 pm
I’m more concerned with the three hits he gave up
Metsense Yesterday at 4:08 pm
Alvarez with another hit
Name Yesterday at 4:09 pm
Brewers manager playing matchup despite up 5 runs smh
Brian Yesterday at 4:11 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 4:11 pm
Name Yesterday at 4:11 pm
justice is served!
Metsense Yesterday at 4:12 pm
Brian Yesterday at 4:13 pm
They do play the trumpets when Diaz comes on with a deficit
Name Yesterday at 4:14 pm
it’s all about the marketing
Diaz does nothing for this team, i don’t get the hype
Intelligent Individual Yesterday at 4:22 pm
Hay,do 78 win teams need elite closers? Might they trade Diaz for a haul?
Metsense Yesterday at 4:22 pm
Let’s win this one
Brian Yesterday at 4:23 pm
I think it would be smart for the Mets to see what Diaz’ trade value is.
But I’d be shocked if they even did that, much less trade him.
Mets with 2-3-4 hitters coming up.
Means Stewart gets to make the last out.
Intelligent Individual Yesterday at 4:24 pm
Hay,Cohen is rich and smart
Name Yesterday at 4:24 pm
the marketing value Diaz brings for the Mets is too high for the brass to trade him
Brian Yesterday at 4:27 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 4:27 pm
Name Yesterday at 4:27 pm
first 2 games HR or bust offense
Brian Yesterday at 4:30 pm
Stewart tried to make the last out but Alonso mucked it up
Oh well
Name Yesterday at 4:32 pm
Severino dug too deep a hole to get out of
Metsense Yesterday at 4:32 pm
They came close. They teased us
Thanks for the chatter, have a pleasant night
Name Yesterday at 4:33 pm
talk to you guys on Monday. i’ll be rooting from the stands again tomorrow

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