C’mon Megill – throw strikes
Tyrone Taylor in CF
Megill picks a runner off first!
Narvaez with a CI
Baty can’t make a leaping grab and a run scores.
Talkative Spirit Sun Mar 31 2:00 pm
I was a kid and saw the ‘62 Mets lose their first 9 games on their way to a 120 loss season. And fans thought they might have a shot at a 500 season.
Brian Sun Mar 31 2:03 pm
Let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of that season!
Another hit for Alonso, this one a single to RF
Brian Sun Mar 31 2:12 pm
Good for my fantasy team with an RBI from Jackson Chourio. Not so much for the Mets.
Alvarez rips a double down the LF line
Tyrone Taylor with an RBI. Get that guy in the lineup every day
good aggressive send from 3B coach
Hey Megill – try not to give up a run this inning
SB are action. Not sure they’re exciting
A steal of home is exciting. Any other steal is just a play
And another walk for Megill
Brian Sun Mar 31 2:29 pm
3 BB in 2.1 IP
And now a HBP on what would have been ball 4
Hoskins up with bases loaded
Peaceful Settler Sun Mar 31 2:37 pm
Big DP
Brian Sun Mar 31 2:37 pm
a 1-2-3 GDP to get out of the inning!
Yes indeed. I thought we were going to get another walk there
Key pitch was that 3-1 pitch that Hoskins gave a crappy swing on. Would have been ball 4 if he layed off of it
Another K for Nimmo. It’s something to watch
If Megill wants an easy inning he should try throwing strikes
three up, three down for Megll in the 4th
Metsense Sun Mar 31 2:52 pm
Hi Brian Happy Easter
Brian Sun Mar 31 2:53 pm
Same to you!
Alvarez had a pitch to hit there on the initial 3-2
Metsense Sun Mar 31 2:56 pm
A good at bat
Brian Sun Mar 31 2:57 pm
A two-out rally
Metsense Sun Mar 31 2:58 pm
a good at Baty
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:03 pm
quite the battle here. C’mon Taylor, finish him off
Is it too early to PH for Narvaez?
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:04 pm
great AB
I wouldn’t pinch it
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:05 pm
With Alvarez in the game as the DH it wasn’t really an option
Just a dismay about who was up with the bases loaded
He gave it a good ride…
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:06 pm
Later it would if they need to
I thought it was a pop up that was wind carried
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:12 pm
This is getting bad
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:14 pm
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:14 pm
Hoskins with the bases loaded again
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:17 pm
A good bail out
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:18 pm
BTW – I agree with your take on the Hoskins slide
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:19 pm
A reasonable person would. Thanks
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:21 pm
RF Pete strikes again
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:22 pm
I like it.
Martinez will hit behind him in a few weeks
Engaged Pioneer Sun Mar 31 3:24 pm
It’s early,but
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:24 pm
Vientos had a good day in Syracuse yesterday
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:25 pm
Not used to seeing the minor leagues starting in March
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:27 pm
And a World Series in November?
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:28 pm
That’s more normal, at least in my mind. Didn’t they call Jeter Mr. November?
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:29 pm
And Kate Upland was Miss November?
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:30 pm
All of the pics we got of Kris Benson’s wife and hardly any of Ms. Verlander
Welcome Engaged Pioneer
We need some more late inning runs
Alvarez with another hit!
Keith just said he’s 3-3 vs LHP
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:37 pm
He has a good start
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:40 pm
I thought for sure Narvaez was going to make the last out of the inning.
bad luck followed by good luck
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:46 pm
Ramirez is a multiple inning pir
I think not
Brian Sun Mar 31 3:49 pm
Narvaez blows
Metsense Sun Mar 31 3:52 pm
no offense, again
Ramirez had three games? That’s Ridiculous. I can see one game but three?
Brian Sun Mar 31 4:01 pm
Do they ever start out a player with a one-game suspension?
Metsense Sun Mar 31 4:01 pm
I don’t know.
Brian Sun Mar 31 4:05 pm
Smith escapes
can’t buy a hit
Engaged Pioneer Sun Mar 31 4:09 pm
One run doesn’t do it too often.
Brian Sun Mar 31 4:10 pm
Marte brought enough money
Engaged Pioneer Sun Mar 31 4:17 pm
Here’s something to worry about,will they ever be a 500 club this season?
Metsense Sun Mar 31 4:18 pm
It will be a struggle
Brian Sun Mar 31 4:20 pm
Raley looked good. Now for the offense to do likewise
And PH for Narvaez this time.
Engaged Pioneer Sun Mar 31 4:21 pm
Metsense Sun Mar 31 4:21 pm
What is your prediction for this year in wins, engaging pioneer
Engaged Pioneer Sun Mar 31 4:22 pm
Brian Sun Mar 31 4:26 pm
Metsense Sun Mar 31 4:26 pm
Thanks for the chatter. Have a nice Easter everyone

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