Brian Yesterday at 7:03 pm
Manaea gets us in the win column
Brian Yesterday at 7:16 pm
3 up, 3 down for Manaea
Brian Yesterday at 7:24 pm
we have a rally
Alonso can’t get it out of the infield
At least Alvarez is batting cleanup
GDP – yuck
making dinner – in and out
CharlieH Yesterday at 7:33 pm
Evening, all!
Sean Manaea, huh?
Brian Yesterday at 7:36 pm
Hey Charlie
Should have started Manaea earlier
CharlieH Yesterday at 7:38 pm
Is it just us right now?
Harrison Bader doing Harrison Bader things:
striking out!
Brian Yesterday at 7:44 pm
failing against a RHP – who saw that coming?
CharlieH Yesterday at 7:44 pm
Manaea is DEALING tonight.
Brian Yesterday at 7:50 pm
OK, Nimmo – let’s get untracked here
better than a strikeout
CharlieH Yesterday at 7:51 pm
But then again, so is Olson. LOL
Brian Yesterday at 7:51 pm
Well, it’s the Mets, so that comes with an asterisk
12 up, 12 down for Manaea
fuckin’ Gelbs acting like a cliche is big news
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:04 pm
I know that AB wasn’t productive, but I’m liking how Marte looks in early going.
Brian Yesterday at 8:06 pm
He doesn’t look as bad as last year but I’m still not convinced he’s going to be good.
I feel a tiny bit better about Baty and Marte. But I felt pretty bad about both of them.
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:08 pm
First Tigger on base.
Manaea looks like he’s lost the plate a bit.
Brian Yesterday at 8:09 pm
Find it! We need to win this game 1-0
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:11 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:11 pm
Bader has a nice arm
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:11 pm
Bader tracked that down.
DP would be nice here.
Is the wind blowing in? Looks like everything is dying before the track.
Brian Yesterday at 8:14 pm
Glad it’s not July – both of those balls would have traveled more in the heat
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:14 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:17 pm
Why isn’t Bader hitting 9th?
An infield hit! Success
Gentle Citizen Yesterday at 8:19 pm
Fifth place,this team doesn’t look like it will score runs. Martinez needs to get here soon, McNeil and Bader have to be hitters
Brian Yesterday at 8:19 pm
I have hope for McNeil. Not so much Bader
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:21 pm
Because Wendle is. LOL
Po-TAY- to Po-TAH-to…
Brian Yesterday at 8:22 pm
I’d still bat Wendle 8th over Bader vs RHP
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:22 pm
Either way, it’s 2 automatic outs, seemingly.
Brian Yesterday at 8:25 pm
As bad as Severino was, that’s how good Manaea has been in this game.
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:25 pm
Yes! Good way to put it.
Name Yesterday at 8:27 pm
yay a Mets starter made it past 5
Brian Yesterday at 8:27 pm
Keith, he just walked a batter, he’s not getting everything over now
Does Baty make that play last year?
You don’t run on Nimmo!
Nice play by Alvarez, too
Name Yesterday at 8:29 pm
nice job!
Brian Yesterday at 8:30 pm
Are you at the game tonight, Name?
Name Yesterday at 8:30 pm
Nah, probably won’t be at another game for at least a month
88 pitches for Manaea. is he built up for more?
Brian Yesterday at 8:32 pm
Good, I’m thinking you’re a jinx!
I’d be surprised if they sent Manaea back out there.
But they said no one was warming up
Ugh, Lopez
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:34 pm
TREMENDOUS play by Nimmo!
Good charge on that ball.
Alvarez with the hustle-double!
Brian Yesterday at 8:36 pm
OK, let’s knock him in
Name Yesterday at 8:37 pm
his strong March continues into April!
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:38 pm
I have absolutely ZERO faith that DJ Stewart will drive him on.
Brian Yesterday at 8:39 pm
C’mon he can get an RBI single
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:39 pm
I knew it.
Swings on 3-0. Who is he, Hank Aaron?
Brian Yesterday at 8:40 pm
Yeah, that’s not good baseball for a guy who’s a borderline MLB player
Gleeful Traveler Yesterday at 8:41 pm
Like watching paint dry…
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:42 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:42 pm
I remember that commercial
Gleeful Traveler Yesterday at 8:42 pm
hay,Lopez is back,BP is deeep
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:44 pm
Baty is flashing the leather tonight.
Brian Yesterday at 8:44 pm
Nice to see
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:45 pm
So when Bader makes a great play, can we yell “H! B! OOOOHHH!”?
Brian Yesterday at 8:46 pm
As long as your judicious in determining a great play
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:46 pm
Of course.
Brian Yesterday at 8:47 pm
I haven’t seen a play he’s made that Nimmo wouldn’t have. But I do expect him to make a handful of those.
Name Yesterday at 8:49 pm
Canha still a battler
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:51 pm
That was too close for comfort.
Gleeful Traveler Yesterday at 8:51 pm
This Lopez kid might be something.
CharlieH Yesterday at 8:53 pm
What the hell was Marte waving at, there?
Brian Yesterday at 8:55 pm
he redeemed himself
Have we stolen a base yet?
Thanks Gary!
C’mon Marte, steal
Think that makes Bader 1-7 with 4 Ks against RHP
and it was an infield hit
Marte’s gotta run in that situation
Name Yesterday at 9:01 pm
HR or bust offense
Gleeful Traveler Yesterday at 9:03 pm
Better hope not because they’re not going to hit many homers
Brian Yesterday at 9:04 pm
They were 10th in the majors in homers last year and they’ve added Martinez
That throw from Lindor to 2B on the GDP was a lollipop
Name Yesterday at 9:07 pm
cmon offense
let’s get 1 for a clean 1-0 win
Brian Yesterday at 9:11 pm
There you go Nimmo
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:11 pm
OK! Now C’MON Lindor!
Brian Yesterday at 9:13 pm
You’re ahead of me – was afraid it was a GDP
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:14 pm
Pete shoukda LILLED that pitch!
Then he waves at a bad slider.
Brian Yesterday at 9:14 pm
down and away…
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:16 pm
Brian Yesterday at 9:22 pm
Diaz looks in mid-season form
Now for DJ Stewart to hit a walkoff
Name Yesterday at 9:25 pm
let’s win in regulation please
Gleeful Traveler Yesterday at 9:28 pm
May be they can score a run with the free runner on second,or may be not
Name Yesterday at 9:31 pm
a chance
Brian Yesterday at 9:32 pm
At least they’re hitting for Bader
But it’s not like McNeil is stinging the ball
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:33 pm
And still isn’t.
Name Yesterday at 9:34 pm
fake baseball time
Brian Yesterday at 9:39 pm
lucky that hit him
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:40 pm
SO glad they signed Joey Wendle… NOT
Brian Yesterday at 9:41 pm
McNeil would have made the play
Name Yesterday at 9:41 pm
that sucks
Radiant Explorer Yesterday at 9:41 pm
Don’t worry we get that runner on second too
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:42 pm
When the defense goes south, it goes FAST.
Brian Yesterday at 9:43 pm
Why does Gary keep saying that Tonkin did strong work for the Braves last year?
Radiant Explorer Yesterday at 9:43 pm
It’s the hitting,if they had scored a run,no extra innings
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:44 pm
Shelby Miller is still around??
Brian Yesterday at 9:44 pm
He gives innings, that’s what he does best
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:45 pm
I guess. I thought he had a severe case of old.
And there’s your second run.
Radiant Explorer Yesterday at 9:46 pm
Tonkin Pitched two innings a time instead of one, that’s a big deal in the 2020s
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:46 pm
We are looking at 0-4…
How do you get to the Polo Grounds again?
and there you go.
Radiant Explorer Yesterday at 9:47 pm
its going to be a long season….
Name Yesterday at 9:48 pm
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:48 pm
Well, at least they’re under the luxury tax. Oh, wait…
Brian Yesterday at 9:49 pm
Do we score 0 runs or 3?
Radiant Explorer Yesterday at 9:49 pm
Pete and Diaz to Os for 2-3 prospects?
Name Yesterday at 9:50 pm
All unearned so Tonkin still has a 0.00 ERA
Brian Yesterday at 9:50 pm
ESPN has 4 ER
Name Yesterday at 9:52 pm
with the error Baez’s fly should have been the 3rd out
Radiant Explorer Yesterday at 9:52 pm
It’s the hitting.
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:52 pm
Thank God we have Joey Wendle up to start the rally.
That was ball 4
Name Yesterday at 9:57 pm
rainouts likely next 2 days. first win may have to wait until Thursday
Brian Yesterday at 9:57 pm
At least Manaea was god
CharlieH Yesterday at 9:58 pm
Rainouts will be welcome. We won’t have to watch…
j/k Of COURSE we’ll watch.

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