Longtime readers will know my oft-stated distaste of the Mets’ organization’s preference for guys who were good on another team three or more years – but who now stink – over giving guys from their own organization a shot. And it’s true whether it was dumpster diving for starting pitchers or recycling old first basemen or outfielders. And we see that trend again with the acquisition of Julio Teheran.

Since the year 2020, Teheran has a 5.92 ERA and a 6.07 FIP in the majors. He hasn’t had a FIP below 4.66 since 2016. While he’s not too old at age 33, it’s been since Obama was President since he was an asset in the rotation based more on his pitching rather than luck.

With Kodai Senga out to start the year and Tylor Megill joining him on the sidelines after one start, the Mets needed to add a starting pitcher. But rather than promote 26-year-old Jose Butto, who had a 3.64 ERA and a 4.02 FIP for the Mets last year, with a 3.29 ERA and a 3.15 FIP in five September starts, the Mets went dumpster diving for a guy who last had a good season even further back than Luis Severino.

It’s almost impressive how committed to the bit of preferring unsuccessful guys from other orgs that the Mets are, year after year after year. You know, if it wasn’t so infuriating.

Since Butto was optioned to the minors, the Mets had to wait at least 15 days before adding him to the MLB roster, unless he was to take the place of an injured player. And with Megill going on the IL, they had the opportunity. They simply chose not to use it. Instead of replacing an injured starter with a starter, the Mets chose to promote reliever Reed Garrett, instead.

David Stearns said earlier this year that young guys needed a shot. And since that time, he signed 36-year-old J.D. Martinez to play over 24-year-old Mark Vientos and now the 33-year-old Teheran over the 26-year-old Butto.

At least Martinez was good last year.

Now we get to be treated to Teheran throwing beach balls to the plate. In 71.2 IP last year, Teheran had a 1.63 HR/9, a truly awful mark. And we’re supposed to be excited about adding this guy to the rotation? It’s moves like this that make it hard to be a Mets fan.

Butto should have made the club out of Spring Training. He followed up his strong close to 2023 with an outstanding stint in Florida. But not only didn’t he make the Opening Day roster, he gets bypassed for the first open spot in the rotation. And it would be one thing if he got passed over for Joey Lucchesi. But they brought a has-been off the street, instead.

If they wanted to say FU to Butto, it’s tougher to imagine a more perfect way than what they did. After what Stearns said about giving young players a shot, it’s a slap in the face.

My hope was that the new administration would look for reasons to give guys from the organization a shot, rather looking for reasons to screw them over. Alas, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

10 comments on “Mets go dumpster diving to sign Julio Teheran

  • T.J.

    0-4 start is disappointing. Signing Teheran is scary.

    • Recall

      Mets gave up on the season before the season started. They owe 3 former Mets $70 million, Saving money for next years free agent group. But why would any star free agent player sign with them? Meanwhile, the Mets are screwing their current core players. Treating Butto and Vientos like Yō’s Yō’s and telling their loyal fans the team in the Bronx is ready to accept you with open arms. Is it possible that a few of their radio sponsors have taken their ad money else where? On the radio they keep running the few commercials over and over again. The management doesn’t try to improve the team. So how do their players get up for the game? Why hire a experienced manager and then tell him how to manage? Why bat Lindor 2nd? Marte should be batting second, Lindor should hit 3rd. Give him a chance to drive in runs. During the game why have your number 9 and 1 hitters hit before Lindor? isn’t the 9th hitter your weakest?

  • Mike W

    Really disappointing to see they signed Teheran. Butto or Luchessi should have gitten the spot. How do we know if either could be a long term asset if they dont pitch in the show. Unless the plan is to trade them.

    In the words of world renowned baseball expert Jeff Spicoli, that is really bogus.

  • Edwin e Pena

    There is some quirk that does not let the Mets bring up either Butto or Lucchesi until April 12th. Even “Mr Brains” Stearns knows he has to bring up one if not both of those guys for this terrible staff. Only Manaea looks the part of a MLB pitcher in that rotation so far.

    • Brian Joura

      Yes, that was addressed in the article. You know, if you actually read it.

  • Brian Joura

    Butto is scheduled to start G2 of the DH today. Guess he’s going to be the extra man called up and then immediately sent back down. Better than nothing…

  • Dan Capwell

    In David “Arnold Horshack” Stearns’ defense, they were likely looking at Garrett as a fresh arm for a battered bullpen, not knowing that the next two games would be rained out. So, the Megill-for-Garrett move can be explained somewhat.

    I don’t like the Teheran move either, FWIW. Hopefully he is just another Scott Erickson, another washed up SP who pitched two games for them in 04, before revealing that he too, was all done.

  • TexasGusCC

    Last year, Tehran had a 1.54 ERA after six starts, through late June. In fact, he was mostly good for the Brew Crew. He had three absolute beatings in which he allowed 22 earned runs in 17 innings – kind of makes you wonder what the manager was waiting for. In nine of his 14 starts, he allowed one earned run or less. The other five were: 2, 4, 6, 7, 9.

  • Metstabolism

    Teheran contract: $2.5 million + $450k in incentives.
    Clevinger contract: $3 million.
    I’d have certainly gone with Clevinger at those numbers. But.. Stearns’ pitching lab people did something to get some kind of usefulness out of Teheran last year. Maybe Stearns & Co. think there’s even more to tap into.

  • John From Albany

    Dumpster Dave

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