Brian Yesterday at 3:51 pm
Game 8
Brian Yesterday at 4:12 pm
Glad to see Nimmo back in the lineup
Metsense Yesterday at 4:14 pm
Right down the middle
Brian Yesterday at 4:16 pm
clearly wasn’t looking for the fastball. Not good but better than chasing a pitch out of the zone
wow, good play by the SS
Brian Yesterday at 4:26 pm
Hey, Starling Marte with an opposite field single
Metsense Yesterday at 4:26 pm
I’m glad that Mendoza has baby and Alvarez in the middle of the batting order. They are two of the people that are still hitting
Brian Yesterday at 4:29 pm
Those running Mets
Brian Yesterday at 4:37 pm
Your pal Candelario didn’t really bust it on that one
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 4:39 pm
Uh oh,
Brian Yesterday at 4:39 pm
Defense letting us down
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 4:40 pm
uh oh
this might be a mess soon
Brian Yesterday at 4:43 pm
Big K
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 4:44 pm
unlike you I thought Severino would be a good signing
Metsense Yesterday at 4:45 pm
I didn’t think it was a good expenditure
Brian Yesterday at 4:45 pm
Severino got squeezed on that pitch
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 4:47 pm
Oh boy
whens basketball
Brian Yesterday at 4:48 pm
6:09 p.m.
Metsense Yesterday at 4:48 pm
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 4:48 pm
too bad
Brian Yesterday at 4:49 pm
Maybe they should make Severino a reliever who throws nothing but fastballs
Metsense Yesterday at 4:52 pm
It was a bad inning for the defense and Severino throw too many pitches
Brian Yesterday at 4:53 pm
Narvaez hits!
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 4:53 pm
Let’s score a run
Metsense Yesterday at 4:55 pm
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 4:56 pm
Brian Yesterday at 4:56 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 4:57 pm
Wow, two hits that ending!
Brian Yesterday at 5:02 pm
Nice inning for Severino
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 5:07 pm
Brian Yesterday at 5:07 pm
I like the no-out rallies
Metsense Yesterday at 5:07 pm
Brian Yesterday at 5:09 pm
crank up the HBP offense
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 5:09 pm
Another hit batter,retaliate
Brian Yesterday at 5:09 pm
Now a wild pitch to score a run
Empathetic Specimen
Another hit batter,retaliate That’s not very empathetic
Narvaez comes thru!
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 5:12 pm
Alright,a little energy,a little life
Metsense Yesterday at 5:13 pm
Omar delivers
Brian Yesterday at 5:13 pm
Start him at DH tomorrow
Narvaez scores from first on a double! Who saw that coming
Metsense Yesterday at 5:15 pm
Nimo delivers
Empathetic Specimen Yesterday at 5:16 pm
Four run inning,I didn’t see that coming
Brian Yesterday at 5:16 pm
Lindor hit it to the wrong part of the park
Metsense Yesterday at 5:17 pm
four runs
Brian Yesterday at 5:22 pm
Sign me up for this type of outing for Severino the rest of the year
Way to go, Marte
Metsense Yesterday at 5:28 pm
Brian Yesterday at 5:28 pm
Offense is fun
Excited Guest Yesterday at 5:29 pm
All of our bitching about the lack of hitting certainly is paying off this afternoon
Brian Yesterday at 5:31 pm
All it took was multi-hit games from Nimmo, Marte and Narvaez
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:31 pm
That was me above – can’t remember to sign in first
Brian Yesterday at 5:33 pm
How did you enjoy that UConn-Iowa game?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:35 pm
It was amazing. Much prefer that to a blowout.
Brian Yesterday at 5:36 pm
Hated to see the refs call make such a big impact
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:39 pm
Clark certainly struggled to hit her shots. Always hate officials
Dictating the game
Gleeful Stranger Yesterday at 5:40 pm
Good job,Severino
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:40 pm
Five nice innings by Severino. Much better than last time
Metsense Yesterday at 5:41 pm
99 p
5 innings
Brian Yesterday at 5:43 pm
Let’s hope that’s not the highlight of his season
Metsense Yesterday at 5:44 pm
He looks like an average pitcher.
And that’s okay
Brian Yesterday at 5:47 pm
Let’s see how they patch these next four innings
Gleeful Stranger Yesterday at 5:53 pm
Wish they had one of those relievers who could go two innings
Brian Yesterday at 5:56 pm
Ramirez, Garrett and Lopez all will go multiple innings
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:57 pm
Bad play by Narvaez
Brian Yesterday at 5:57 pm
It’s weird to see the Mets throw thru in that situation
Gleeful Stranger Yesterday at 5:57 pm
Not too often, 2020s baseball relievers go one inning
Brian Yesterday at 5:58 pm
I am off to watch State play. Bring us home a win
Gleeful Stranger Yesterday at 5:58 pm
good luck
hey a reliever going two
NYM6986 Yesterday at 6:28 pm
Back to my income tax