NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:02 pm
Nice to see ab
Nido get called up and his D will be welcomed. Hope Alvarez is not a long term injury.
Brian Yesterday at 4:09 pm
Those running Mets
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:11 pm
Great to see Nimmomrun.
Brian Yesterday at 4:11 pm
rule book double for Lindor drives in Nimmo!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:12 pm
If Lindor gets going, this will be a decent lineup
Brian Yesterday at 4:12 pm
click on the person icon next to your post and change your user name
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:13 pm
Brian Yesterday at 4:13 pm
How’s it going,, Steven?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:13 pm
Sometimes it saves it from the last time and sometimes it doesn’t
All good. How about,you?
Brian Yesterday at 4:14 pm
Mets and Knicks today – it’s good!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:15 pm
Thanks for the reminder about the Knicks. Just setting my DVR as I have been informed that we are going out to dinner tonight.
After all these years I definitely do what I told
Brian Yesterday at 4:15 pm
It makes life easier
Tonight’s my daughter’s prom. I’ve been told what to clean the past two days.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:16 pm
Absolutely. And being a Rangers fan it’s very enjoyable watching other sports. Of course I’m a giant fan so that bubble will be burst over the summer.
Brian Yesterday at 4:16 pm
Are the Giants going to draft a QB?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:16 pm
I remember the prom days. And my daughter having all of her friends come here for prom pictures and they’re all lined up the staircase each one in a skimpier outfit and the next was definitely a lifetime ago.
Hard to imagine they’re going to draft a quarterback when they’re into Jones for $40 million a year. I’d be happier getting a good receiver for Jones to throw to or another offensive lineman to block
stone is up to 25 pitches I love it
Great at bat.
Brian Yesterday at 4:21 pm
McNeil did great.
Casey’s gown is skin tight but long
Bader, that was no time to revert to form
Looking forward to seeing Butto against this lineup.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:23 pm
My mother used to ask “where’s the rest of your dress?”
Like Butto to get off to a good first inning. Their lineup is so stacked.
Had lots of chances to score a few more runs. Hopefully they will be patient at the plate and make him throw strikes in the second
Let’s hope Wendle remembers how to field
and that’s why he’s hitting .350
Name Yesterday at 4:28 pm
how’d the Mets score?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:29 pm
Lindor doubled home Nimmo
Name Yesterday at 4:30 pm
Butto struggling early
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:31 pm
K would be nice here
Name Yesterday at 4:31 pm
triple play would be better
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:31 pm
now we only need a DP
Brian Yesterday at 4:31 pm
Yuck – I leave for 5 minutes and we lose the lead?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:32 pm
Wait you left OmG
muncy is slow enough to double up
Brian Yesterday at 4:33 pm
Had another cleaning job!
Name Yesterday at 4:33 pm
30 mintues for the first inning
Brian Yesterday at 4:34 pm
At this rate, Knicks game will be over before the Mets
Woodrow Yesterday at 4:34 pm
The worm is turning
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:36 pm
Nice K one more to go
Woohoo. This is going to be a battle of the pens at the rate they are going – 65 pitches in the first inning
Brian Yesterday at 4:39 pm
Butto just needed me watching
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:40 pm
Please do not leave the room again.
Name Yesterday at 4:40 pm
this inning exemplifies what is wrong with SPs. gets credit for 3K’s and he probably feels good but it took him over 30 pitches
Metsense Yesterday at 4:41 pm
Butto showed me something. He has moxie
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:41 pm
First half of the Dodgers lineup is scary. Butto did throw a number of first pitch strikes, but it’s not like there are easy outs
Metsense Yesterday at 4:43 pm
Good Start in inning
Brian Yesterday at 4:43 pm
Narvaez ends the success streak of the LHB
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:43 pm
Wendle is now 2nd on the team in hitting. They will miss Alvarez’ bat even if just as intimidation
should i’ve had him bunt, but then nobody bunts anymore
stone looks a lot better this inning
Metsense Yesterday at 4:44 pm
Wendell has an Ops 2nd in the team?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:45 pm
no he upped is BA
Name Yesterday at 4:45 pm
Wendle isn’t second in anything
Metsense Yesterday at 4:46 pm
Maybe errors
Name Yesterday at 4:47 pm
Maybe errors he actually is! 2nd behind Omar
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:47 pm
Sorry I stand corrected. Baty, Bader and Taylor higher batting averages but Wendle is up to.294. Sad commentary on the crappy BA of our main players.
Brian Yesterday at 4:48 pm
Mets averaging over 5 runs per game. Who cares about their AVG
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:50 pm
As long as they cut down on Ks and put the ball in play they can add on runs.
Name Yesterday at 4:52 pm
pitchers should be fined for getting to 3 balls on backup catchers
Brian Yesterday at 4:53 pm
tight strike zone
Metsense Yesterday at 4:54 pm
Same pitch but when was Barnes and one was Betts
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:54 pm
I’d be afraid to pitch Ohtani
Name Yesterday at 4:57 pm
how can the Mets pen be short 2 days after an off day?
Gary be crazy
Metsense Yesterday at 4:58 pm
They’re not short. Smith Lopez Diaz
Name Yesterday at 4:58 pm
Butto pitching scared
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:58 pm
About time Hefner got out there.
Metsense Yesterday at 4:58 pm
I think so too
Woodrow Yesterday at 4:59 pm
It’s not lookinggood
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:59 pm
First three in this lineup are scary to pitch to
Woodrow Yesterday at 5:01 pm
Name Yesterday at 5:01 pm
61 pitches thru 2, horrible outing
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:02 pm
he seem to be on his way to a very short inning, but then that went out the window with all those walks
need to put pressure on stone and score some runs
Metsense Yesterday at 5:04 pm
butto Has to trust his stuff. He has to challenge betts. Ohhati and Freeman
Name Yesterday at 5:05 pm
you gotta challenge with the bases empty, what’s the worst that can happen, solo HR
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:07 pm
Here’s a stupid stat- Mets are third in the NL wildcard.
DJ 7 hits – 3hR
Name Yesterday at 5:08 pm
McNeil with a drive
Brian Yesterday at 5:09 pm
Nice to see him pull the ball in the air
5 LOB for Bader
Name Yesterday at 5:10 pm
Bader not strong enough to hit that hanger
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:11 pm
Well they got Bader for his glove and he hasn’t made any errors. Hope he did not have a week’s worth of hitting yesterday
Got to make short order of the lineup this inning.
Squeezing that stroke zone
Name Yesterday at 5:15 pm
disagree with Ron. Dodger stadium is a dump
Metsense Yesterday at 5:15 pm
If Bader is average offensively I’ll take it
Name Yesterday at 5:15 pm
hallelujah, quick inning
Brian Yesterday at 5:16 pm
That’s more like it, Butto
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:16 pm
how can anything built in ‘62 still be acceptable?
Now maybe Butto can get 5 in
Name Yesterday at 5:19 pm
it’s a bottom 5 stadium for me
Brian Yesterday at 5:19 pm
I’m glad I got to see games in Fenway and Wrigley
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:20 pm
How about a damn bunt now
Metsense Yesterday at 5:20 pm
Why give them an out
Brian Yesterday at 5:20 pm
because last time Narvaez gave them 2
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:20 pm
nice stolen base – because the Mets play small ball well and Narvaez can’t hit
Brian Yesterday at 5:21 pm
Those running Mets
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:21 pm
id bunt him to third and try and score on a out.
Except of course he can’t bunt either. It’s a lost art
Name Yesterday at 5:22 pm
this is Gavin Stone, not an elite pitcher, no need that for that
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:22 pm
way to move him over
Squeezing the Dodger pitchers too
Name Yesterday at 5:27 pm
got the lead back
Brian Yesterday at 5:28 pm
way to go, Marte
Metsense Yesterday at 5:28 pm
Marte delivers
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:29 pm
Big spot for Pete
Brian Yesterday at 5:32 pm
Seemed like a pitcher Pete should have done damage against. Maybe he needs to go back to right field Pete
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:32 pm
Butto needs a quick inning to get to the fifth.
Name Yesterday at 5:37 pm
yay another quick inning
Brian Yesterday at 5:37 pm
7 in a row
Our lefty masher didn’t mash
Could use another K here, Teoscar
Name Yesterday at 5:51 pm
setting up Tonkin to fail yet again
don’t know why Mendoza keeps using him with men on base
Brian Yesterday at 5:52 pm
Or in high leverage spots. He’s a guy to use when you’re down by 5 runs
But maybe if he stinks here, they’ll cut him again when SRF is ready
Name Yesterday at 5:56 pm
best we could have hoped for
Brian Yesterday at 5:56 pm
Yep. Now to get the lead back
Metsense Yesterday at 5:57 pm
It is early yet
NYM6986 Yesterday at 5:59 pm
Miracle on both sides with only 2 runs a piece.
Brian Yesterday at 6:00 pm
A miracle would be a Short HR
Name Yesterday at 6:00 pm
the walks continue
Metsense Yesterday at 6:00 pm
A good start.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 6:01 pm
Someone taught Narvaez how to bunt
Brian Yesterday at 6:01 pm
Nido gave him a quick tutorial
Name Yesterday at 6:02 pm
they flew Nido out?
Brian Yesterday at 6:03 pm
I don’t know but I hope so
Name Yesterday at 6:04 pm
Syracuse is playing and i don’t see Nido on the gameday roster so he must have flown to LA
Brian Yesterday at 6:04 pm
I can’t imagine they would go with only one catcher for a game
Name Yesterday at 6:06 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 6:06 pm
Way to go Marte
Name Yesterday at 6:06 pm
we are 2 innings early
Brian Yesterday at 6:06 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 6:07 pm
Name Yesterday at 6:08 pm
Tonkin in line for his 3rd decision in 4 app with the Mets
NYM6986 Yesterday at 6:08 pm
Okay Brian. Got to leave the house so you need to be glued to the game
Brian Yesterday at 6:09 pm
Knicks game getting ready to start
Metsense Yesterday at 6:10 pm
Marte is surprising me
Brian Yesterday at 6:10 pm
Me too
NYM6986 Yesterday at 6:10 pm
Nido is on the bench
Caring Local Yesterday at 6:11 pm
Sitting on a Mets Knicks paray
Metsense Yesterday at 6:11 pm
Good luck you are a loyal fan
Caring Local Yesterday at 6:13 pm
How long will Tonkin last this time? Not the game,the team,
Name Yesterday at 6:13 pm
Gary fretting bout the pen for no reason again
Brian Yesterday at 6:14 pm
We can DFA Tonkin after this game and get a fresh reliever up
Metsense Yesterday at 6:15 pm
I think this is a good move.
Caring Local Yesterday at 6:16 pm
I don’t think it will be fast! Somebody obviously likes him
Name Yesterday at 6:16 pm
Tonkin got 3 outs
Metsense Yesterday at 6:17 pm
I didn’t want Tonkin to face Mookie
Caring Local Yesterday at 6:17 pm
No runs…..yet
Name Yesterday at 6:19 pm
DP time
got Ohtani but the Met killer up now
Brian Yesterday at 6:22 pm
wow – I was expecting the worst there
Name Yesterday at 6:22 pm
right on cue
a Baty appearance
Caring Local Yesterday at 6:36 pm
Need to score at least one
Big,big at bat
Name Yesterday at 6:40 pm
next inning is the money inning anyways
thanks Mr Outman
Brian Yesterday at 6:46 pm
Two runs here would be nice
Name Yesterday at 6:51 pm
another steal
cha ching
Name Yesterday at 7:04 pm
Diaz for 5 outs
Met killer up
Brian Yesterday at 7:10 pm
Well this isn’t good
Name Yesterday at 7:10 pm
Diaz afraid of Ohtani and Freeman too
Brian Yesterday at 7:10 pm
who started the 8th?
Name Yesterday at 7:10 pm
Brian Yesterday at 7:11 pm
that’s more like it
Name Yesterday at 7:13 pm
Diaz continues the Butto way
Name Yesterday at 7:22 pm
Garrett for the save. talk about shooting up the depth chart
Reed got a lucky strike 3
Reed gets a second borderline call
strikes out the side!
Metsense Yesterday at 7:27 pm