The Mets were held without a hit until two outs in the ninth inning and while they avoided that ignominy, they fell to the Braves, 4-1, Saturday afternoon in Citi Field. They wore their ugly City Connect uniforms and remain winless wearing those tourist-trap jerseys.

Christian Scott got his second start and was not nearly as electric as he was in the first, although it was still a solid outing, given the opposition. Scott allowed three runs in six-plus innings, with two of those given up on a homer to Orlando Arcia. He finished with 2 BB and 8 Ks for the day.

The Mets had a couple of hard-hit balls but couldn’t get any to drop for a hit until J.D. Martinez cracked his first homer as a Met to right center. Jeff McNeil followed with a walk and Harrison Bader had an infield single to bring the tying run to the plate. But Brett Baty lined out to center field to end the game.

Brandon Nimmo injured his side during an AB and left the game an inning later.

11 comments on “Gut Reaction: Braves 4, Mets 1 (5/11/24)

  • Footballhead

    Earlier this month Brian, you wrote that the Mets offense was not really an issue or problem; that they were about league average. Since you’re the numbers guys and back up your statements with facts, I will defer to you. Just curious though if you still think that the Mets are a decent hitting team? I for one just think they have more of a problem then just the fact they play in Citi Field.

    • Brian Joura

      I’m not sure why you think it’s more than just Citi Field when the evidence is this strong.

      Mets: 17 road games, 93 runs scored = 5.47 runs per game
      MLB average = 4.34 runs per game

      Last road trip: 5 games, 28 runs scored = 5.6 rpg

      Serious question: If this doesn’t convince you, what would?

      • TexasGusCC

        How about the visiting team at Citifield? Doesn’t bother them…. I think the problem with the Mets is their offense. Only Nimmo is a well rounded hitter that can perform well in all three stats. Had they had nine Nimmo’s, they’d be great. Problem is that the OPS lovers need to see four walks or a homerun to see runs. They don’t manufacture any.

        • Brian Joura

          Visitors have scored 77 runs in 21 games for a 3.67 rpg. League average is 4.34
          And the only reason it’s that many is because of poor defense by the Mets – 16 unearned runs

  • T.J.

    Christian Scott 2 starts, 2 deGrom treatments from his teammates. 6 hits in 2 days, at home. 3rd best OPS on road, worst OPS at home. This is a problem, for 2024 competitiveness, for home attendance, for recruiting free agents beyond this season.

  • Alex

    It’s the ballpark. Check the analytics.

  • Albert

    I don’t trust those analytics. Look at the bottom of the order,it’s weak and can we expect improvement? The top of the order is not performing as good as expected. The bench isn’t good. The lack of hitting will keep this team from even being a 500 team I think.

  • Brian Joura

    My suggestion to everyone is to stop using the word “analytics” to describe anything with a number.

    If you want to discuss spin rate or exit velocity or catcher framing or something of that nature – then it’s fine to use that word.

    But if you’re talking about AVG or HR or RBIs – or anything that you can find on the back of a 20th Century baseball card – then that’s not analytics.

    • T.J.

      I think it is fair to refer to park factors as analytics, but I don’t think park factor alone explains the Mets’ league bottom home OPS. They have struggled to pack the park, even in 2022. There are likely several reasons, but one of the is that they just okay too many home games like Saturday’s game…down early with little to no offense and zero excitement. It’s problematic.

  • Metsense

    Gut Reaction: Scott pitched into the 7th inning again. The Mets need more starting pitchers to do that. 67% of the starting position players are below 100 OPS+. It is hard to sustain an offense with those numbers. Five of them are in range an average OPS+ of 100. These culprits have to do better offensively.

    • Albert

      That sounds like analytics and even if it isn’t it makes sense.OPs is a good stat I think.

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