Gus Yesterday at 7:13 pm
No one here yet? I’ll try this again as my mWAR hasn’t been good.
My comments are erasing themselves…
Sevvy hitting 98 to blow away Harris with the sacks drunk. Exhale.
I keep having to refresh the page or my comments are erased.
Stewart being compared to Schwarber. Are the Mets willing to give that a chance? Really give it a long chance?
Boo Yesterday at 7:30 pm
Stewart=Schwarber? Yeah and Vientos will hit 30 HRs!
Blissful Newbie Yesterday at 7:41 pm
Evening! Comparing Stewart to Scw
schwarber is crazy
Boo Yesterday at 7:45 pm
This team can’t hit
NYM6986 Yesterday at 7:48 pm
There was a lot of debate on the blog a few days ago about the Mets not hitting but the stats show they are scoring runs over the league avg. Just can’t be a winning team with three of your top guys hitting .205 Lindor, .214 Alonso, and McNeil hitting a crappy .237. And if you want to yell and tell me it’s about the OPS, Lindor .669, .745 Alonso, and .630 McNeil. I agree this team can’t hit.
Boo Yesterday at 7:54 pm
I think most of us agree that they can’t hit.
Gus Yesterday at 7:58 pm
News flash guys…. Question is, how do you fix it? I would love to see a team like the 1985 Cardinals: speed, quality hitting and defense all around with three or four big bats sprinkled in.
The Braves helped by the stadium construction. If that hit by Alonso goes to the corner, another run scores. When you can’t do anything wrong, you really just can’t.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:05 pm
Back in those days, small ball was part of every successful team’s offense. Love the long wall, but seems to me that bunting runners over, and having the ability to score without even getting a hit, adds runs to the equation. And stealing bases should be happening every day especially since the bags are closer to each other.
Gus Yesterday at 8:10 pm
I never liked Terry Collins but I scanned a bit an interview he gave to Mathew Brownstein on Metsmerized and found it interesting. I would like to read it someday. Collin’s says that in Japan, teams and players really focus on fundamentals and play for one run at a time and looking to cut off one run at a time. I don’t really think too often about the cutting off of runs, but I have always liked playing for a run and having good fundamentals because taking runners in scoring positions by not moving them along but rather being greedy to keep looking for a big inning all the time, leads to failure much more often than not.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:19 pm
Especially when we are not stocked with home run hitters, the need to manufacture runs is critical. And I liked Collins who somehow managed to win 101 games before the team went to shit last year.
Boo Yesterday at 8:19 pm
Oh boy,two SBs in the next 3-4 pitches?
Brian Yesterday at 8:20 pm
Severino picks off Acuna
DJ in the leadoff spot – wow
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:26 pm
Stewart has two hits
Brian Yesterday at 8:27 pm
Hey Steven
Tough one this afternoon
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:27 pm
Why does it seem that every pitcher facing the Mets appears to be a Cy Young candidate?
Brian Yesterday at 8:28 pm
I’m writing about that for Tuesday
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:29 pm
Knicks got killed. Was thinking of you. Back to the Garden but they need to hit those three pointers and not get crushed on the boards.
Brian Yesterday at 8:30 pm
It’s too bad they couldn’t pull out G3. Pacers might have waved the white flag if they did.
Gus Yesterday at 8:30 pm
It wasn’t Collins that won 101, and then last year they sucked… it was Showalter.
Brian Yesterday at 8:31 pm
They had a stinker against the 76ers, too. I still feel good that they’ll win the series.
I’d feel better if OG was playing, though.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:31 pm
Thanks Gus you are so right. And what i meant was that I liked Buck.
Knicks are shorthanded and Brunson is at 75% at best
Gus Yesterday at 8:32 pm
I was happy with Showalter not for the success, but I felt he was teaching, he was using his team. Last year, you can tell there wasn’t ANY energy on that team.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:33 pm
Hard to blame him for last year because the team melted down. Was sad to see him get fired.
Gus Yesterday at 8:33 pm
Further, I didn’t like that the Mets were being plunked left and right and they didn’t ever do anything about it.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:34 pm
Back in the old days they would have plunked them back.
Gus Yesterday at 8:34 pm
By not retaliating, you allow pitchers to keep throwing inside without a care in the world. You need to be respected, and the Mets were mocked. They didn’t ever do anything about it.
Brian Yesterday at 8:36 pm
Feels like an early hook for Severino
Gus Yesterday at 8:36 pm
Plus, using his best four relief pitchers in the same game and having only his scrubs for the next one? I was extremely dissatisfied with Showalter’s MO. Sitting Vientos in May and then not wanting to play Baty initially against lefties because it “disrespects the game”? WHATT?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:36 pm
He’s thrown 94 pitches. Was thinking he would not come out for the 6th.
Woodrow Yesterday at 8:38 pm
Third time through the order, only Aces and #2 guys should do it
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:39 pm
on the other side of the coin the pen was so suspect starting with losing Diaz and everyone moving up. Kudos to Robinson for stepping up. And Baty and Vientos did not deserve the playing time last year.
Gus Yesterday at 8:42 pm
Well, once they sold, it was obvious that kids needed to play.
Brian Yesterday at 8:45 pm
Nasty splitter by Garrett to end the inning
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:45 pm
They should have played Vientos and Baty everyday after the fire sale to see what they could do in a lost year. But with no real baseball guy at the helm they failed to do that. Still think Vientos should have been the DH all of April with Martinez needing time to get ready. And Martinez with an OPS under .700 is not what we thought we were getting.
Name Yesterday at 8:46 pm
losing again i see
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:46 pm
Another nice outing from Garrett.
Gus Yesterday at 8:46 pm
I agree with you completely.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:46 pm
This is the inning to score runs with the heart of the order coming up
Gus Yesterday at 8:46 pm
Hi Name
Name Yesterday at 8:48 pm
i have a chance to get some mWAR
Boo Yesterday at 8:48 pm
Another inning for Garret
Brian Yesterday at 8:49 pm
There you go, Lindor
Name Yesterday at 8:50 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:50 pm
Gus Yesterday at 8:50 pm
Wow, how did that not go out?
Tied game
Name Yesterday at 8:50 pm
it seemed like Acuna thought it was going out
Gus Yesterday at 8:50 pm
I don’t
Brian Yesterday at 8:51 pm
Keep those hits coming
Gus Yesterday at 8:51 pm
Agree that JDM was a bad signing, just like I don’t think Vientos had earned a spot
If he earns it, it will be there
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:52 pm
He is a good AAA hitter and could not do worse than Martinez right now.
Can’t earn it unless they put him in the lineup. Who does he bump from the current roster?
Gus Yesterday at 8:56 pm
You can’t be disappointed with Martinez’ approach. His barrel rate is down a bit as he is working his way back, but his hard hit rate of 46% is still elite.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:57 pm
I get all these measurements but show me the money. People likely underestimate how much easier it was to hit in the Dodgers lineup when the next guy up is dangerous too.
Gus Yesterday at 8:57 pm
Name Yesterday at 8:58 pm
seems like a while since the Mets had a 3run HR
Gus Yesterday at 8:59 pm
But, in the Dodgers lineup, does Vientos do what Martinez did in 113 games? Have to be fair…
Woodrow Yesterday at 8:59 pm
McNeil has about a week before the fans turn onhim
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:00 pm
Gus Yesterday at 9:00 pm
Anyone else think Tommy Pham last year ignited him last year but this year he’s back to thinking about his golf?
Name Yesterday at 9:01 pm
McNeil wasn’t good last year, it was 2022
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:02 pm
Probably not. But he’s got a 25 HR bat but not given a chance because he has no strong position in the field. That’s a management screw up.
Name Yesterday at 9:04 pm
looks out
Gus Yesterday at 9:05 pm
He’s out again!
Brian Yesterday at 9:05 pm
Narvaez is living right with these pickoffs
Boo Yesterday at 9:06 pm
Holey Moley
Name Yesterday at 9:06 pm
it’s been 14 days since Reed’s last win, he’s overdue!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:06 pm
Even years is when McNeil is supposed to be a hitter again. He might be an interesting trade deadline deal since he’s under contract through 2026
Gus Yesterday at 9:07 pm
Anyone read Alonso’s comments defending Scott Boras’ work this winter, saying he thinks Boras did well and that he had no problem with the approach?
Name Yesterday at 9:08 pm
vote of confidence for an agent, now i’ve seen it all!
Gus Yesterday at 9:08 pm
He sounds so much like Kris Bryant to me every time I hear him.
Boo Yesterday at 9:08 pm
He’d be a salary dump at this point,that contract makes him untradeable. Sometimes extensions don’t work.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:09 pm
In the meantime Boras got the clients signed even if the market came back to earth. He’s a shark – just what a player needs and a team dreads.
Name Yesterday at 9:10 pm
Citi Field known for food, haha. it’s all pretty generic stuff
Gus Yesterday at 9:11 pm
He speaks straight to the owner and knows how to manipulate him.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:11 pm
When I have gone to a game with my wife she wants to know where all the food is. When I go to a game with my oldest daughter, we don’t wanna leave the seats because we don’t want to miss the game? Guess who I’d rather go with?
Name Yesterday at 9:13 pm
tell her the best food is outside the stadiums where options are aplenty and usually quarter the price!
Gus Yesterday at 9:13 pm
Schwarber Jr.!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:15 pm
I’ll let Stewart leadoff if he gets two hits and walk every night. Of course he could steal a base as soon as I can.
Run Brandon!
Name Yesterday at 9:17 pm
good sign that Nimmo isn’t that injured
Nimmo aint a runner
Boo Yesterday at 9:17 pm
Keep Stewart in the lineup
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:17 pm
that is unfortunate because he has speed
Name Yesterday at 9:17 pm
i would still like a 3run HR
Boo Yesterday at 9:18 pm
i mean the every day lineup
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:19 pm
Id Like the HR now
can’t blow this chance to score runs.

Name Yesterday at 9:20 pm
dangit, no win for Reed
Boo Yesterday at 9:21 pm
2 runs,8 hits,who says they can’t hit?
Name Yesterday at 9:22 pm
who was the idiot who walked Zach Short!!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:23 pm
Wow Nimmo in LF
Gus Yesterday at 9:23 pm
That’s why he isn’t getting a win
Name Yesterday at 9:23 pm
ok haha then he doesn’t deserve the win
Gus Yesterday at 9:23 pm
Name Yesterday at 9:24 pm
Ottavino can’t win either. he walked Short
Gus Yesterday at 9:24 pm
Another pitcher afraid of Short.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:24 pm
shame on Ottavino Short is hitting .063
Name Yesterday at 9:27 pm
an Otto walk is pretty much a double
Gus Yesterday at 9:27 pm
Ottavino is sloooooow to the plate. Short had three steps before the ball left Ottavino’s hand.
I didn’t even get a chance to write “ walk him”.
Name Yesterday at 9:28 pm
Walking Short twice, the Mets deserve to lose
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:28 pm
Another walk comes back to haunt
as if it is nit bad enough we have 4 games coming up against the Phillies
Name Yesterday at 9:32 pm
the Mets don’t struggle as much against the Phillies as they do with the Braves
walks walks walks
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:35 pm
Except the Phillies are on such a roll and they have a much better team
Boo Yesterday at 9:36 pm
But you know what,we’ve only scored two runs
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:36 pm
No offense once again – blowing our few opportunities
Name Yesterday at 9:37 pm
the Phillies have played 41 games and only 6 against .500+ teams. who knows how good they actually are
Boo Yesterday at 9:40 pm
It’s this damn ballpark
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:40 pm
True but they are 28-13 so it is hard to say they are not a good team. There are a lot of teams who are surprisingly under .500 like the BlueJays, Astros, Pirates, DBacks and the Giants.
Time for the hitless bottom of the order to get some runs
Boo Yesterday at 9:44 pm
It’s the hitters
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:47 pm
Certainly a lack of timely or clutch hitting
Gus Yesterday at 9:49 pm
Oh those bases on balls…
In other news, Clifford and his shinny .218 BA and 41% K rate got promoted to AA along with Sprout.
Metsense Yesterday at 9:53 pm
Let’s Get some runs
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:53 pm
Diaz looked really good tonight.
Name Yesterday at 9:56 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:56 pm
That’s the McNeil of old
Name Yesterday at 9:56 pm
McNeil of old doesn’t need gimmicks like that
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:56 pm
But you have to take advantage of an opportunity when it’s given to you to get on base
Name Yesterday at 9:57 pm
it’s a good play, just not one the ‘old’ McNeil would need to do to get on base
Metsense Yesterday at 9:58 pm
Don’t bunt
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:58 pm
Now how healthy is a Nimmo
Metsense Yesterday at 9:59 pm
Mendoza likes the butt
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:59 pm
hkpe you meant bunt
Name Yesterday at 10:01 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 10:01 pm
Holy crap
Name Yesterday at 10:01 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 10:01 pm
Now I can go out and look for the Northern Lights.
Metsense Yesterday at 10:01 pm
Name Yesterday at 10:02 pm
walking Short twice and we still win. i guess it’s not always bad for the Mets against the Braves
NYM6986 Yesterday at 10:02 pm
Great chat guys. Happy gut reaction coming to our website!!!
Metsense Yesterday at 10:03 pm
They needed this tape
They needed this hit. Very clutch Nimmo
Name Yesterday at 10:05 pm
unfortunately they’ve been in too many series where they have had to settle for a salvage in the series finale
Metsense Yesterday at 10:06 pm
Is not
This is not A playoff team
But they are a 500 team
Gus Yesterday at 10:08 pm
The Mets won?
Name Yesterday at 10:08 pm
100 losses aint off the table in my book
Metsense Yesterday at 10:08 pm
Maybe they will gel As the season progresses
Gus Yesterday at 10:08 pm
Oh wow! I had to leave after 8…
Name Yesterday at 10:08 pm
The Mets won? Nimmo 2 run walk off HR
Gus Yesterday at 10:08 pm
Oh cool.
My Mets mWAR is getting more negative, as I see.
Love Nimms
Metsense Yesterday at 10:09 pm
My mWAR went up!
Gus Yesterday at 10:10 pm
He is such a good heart and happy individual. I’m glad for him.
Nice job Metsense. Thanks for bailing them out!
Metsense Yesterday at 10:10 pm
Me too.
Name Yesterday at 10:10 pm
always fun to beat the Braves
Metsense Yesterday at 10:11 pm
It sure is
Name Yesterday at 10:11 pm
have a good night
Metsense Yesterday at 10:11 pm
Thanks for the chatter Good night
Gus Yesterday at 10:12 pm
Good night all