Brian Yesterday at 6:39 pm
Lefties, lefties, lefties!
Nimmo reaches on an OF error to start the game.
Lindor HBP and we have a rally
Two outs now and Vientos up
RBI double to LF!
Marte hits a bullet but 3B makes a diving stab to end the inning
Rain coming down
Harper homers and we’re tied
Brian Yesterday at 6:56 pm
A walk – he’s officially a Met SP now
Metsense Yesterday at 7:06 pm
Hi Brian – I Missed Vientos RBI Double
Brian Yesterday at 7:16 pm
Hey Metsense – in and out, making dinner
Metsense Yesterday at 7:17 pm
Joey Is Is doing good
Alonso’s double turns a triple with error
Let’sCash in
Brian Yesterday at 7:23 pm
I come back just in time to see the WP
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:24 pm
Afternoon Mets fans
Metsense Yesterday at 7:24 pm
Lindor steals with WP
hi Chris
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:25 pm
I guess Vents already ,making a difference?
Brian Yesterday at 7:26 pm
Anther chance now
Baty as backup SS
Nice AB, Marte. Too bad Bader is coming up
Metsense Yesterday at 7:31 pm
Brian Yesterday at 7:32 pm
Hopefully our lefty masher comes thru
Metsense Yesterday at 7:32 pm
Marte is a lefty masher too
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:33 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 7:34 pm
What is the capital of Bulgaria?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:35 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 7:37 pm
That is what I’m sitting on!
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:37 pm
well played
Brian Yesterday at 7:42 pm
Early in the 20th Century, there was a player named King Bader
Metsense Yesterday at 7:43 pm
And we have his Jester
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:45 pm
5 pitch inning. awesome
Brian Yesterday at 7:46 pm
Just doing our part to make it an official game
Metsense Yesterday at 7:51 pm
That was a gift
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:51 pm
Brian Yesterday at 7:51 pm
What was Casellanos thinking?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:52 pm
Mets suck, I’ll catch them sleeping and get a smeaky double
Brian Yesterday at 7:52 pm
If this was a Phillies blog, Castellanos would have a new nickname. Smeaky
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:53 pm
Im basically the worst typist known to history
Brian Yesterday at 7:53 pm
My laptop is old and the keys are sticking. I make a lot of typos now. I know I hit the key but it doesn’t show up
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:54 pm
The thing is SMeaky works pretty well for Castellanos
Brian Yesterday at 7:54 pm
And you’re the one who gave us Granny, which we are all grateful for
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:54 pm
Sometimes, there is genius
Brian Yesterday at 8:01 pm
They should get Gelbs to walk up to the top of the stadium to interview the power rangers. He can ask them about the NY Rangers
Metsense Yesterday at 8:04 pm
Lead off walk
It could be trouble
Brian Yesterday at 8:04 pm
ump is squeezing Lucchesi
Metsense Yesterday at 8:06 pm
Another walk
Brian Yesterday at 8:09 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 8:10 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:11 pm
an out
Metsense Yesterday at 8:12 pm
Another gift
There are little league team
Brian Yesterday at 8:16 pm
Vientos with a nice defensive play
Metsense Yesterday at 8:18 pm
I would think that vientos would be the backup Shortstop because he broke in as a shortstop
Brian Yesterday at 8:25 pm
We may get to find out who plays 2B
Ha Gary – beat you
Name Yesterday at 8:29 pm
looks like Lucchesi no good
Brian Yesterday at 8:32 pm
Story of the game is Vientos’ RBI double
Name Yesterday at 8:33 pm
miffs the double play
this is probably gonna break the streak of close games
Brian Yesterday at 8:37 pm
Anyone want to write the recap?
Metsense Yesterday at 8:37 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:41 pm
Nido with a leadoff single. Time to remember we’re hitting in Philly
no-out rally
Name Yesterday at 8:45 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:53 pm
Houser comes in, gets two ground balls and they both find holes
Name Yesterday at 8:56 pm
Houser still likes to walk folks
nice job Lindor
this circus has arrived
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:01 pm
OMG got off the Amtrak and turned on my radio. Assume this inning has been even uglier watching it than listening to it.
Name Yesterday at 9:03 pm
Houser with a rare K
JD with a useless HR, a Duda HR as Chris would say
well, glad the Phillies are flubbing it in the field too
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:12 pm
Well at least he’s hitting .300 now. Only higher average on the team is Vientos. Now if he could only field.