Brian Yesterday at 2:59 pm
That’s why you don’t want to hit grounders, Jeff
Metsense Yesterday at 2:59 pm
Jeff is Thick as a brick
Brian Yesterday at 3:01 pm
Where’s Name to call Quintana a long reliever?
Metsense Yesterday at 3:02 pm
4 innings Is not acceptable
There are7 teams For the Wild card race. Wild card I hope Stearns tad
Trades him soon
Brian Yesterday at 3:05 pm
Houser has become an asset in the bullpen. It’s possible Quintana can, too
Metsense Yesterday at 3:06 pm
Yes but Houser has no Trade value
Brian Yesterday at 3:06 pm
You think Quintana does?
Metsense Yesterday at 3:07 pm
Better than Hauser
ChrisF Yesterday at 3:07 pm
Not by much
Brian Yesterday at 3:07 pm
That’s like saying you can lift more weight than me.
Meanwhile, Nunez with a solid inning. Will Mendoza give him another?
Metsense Yesterday at 3:08 pm
Believe me ,, I realized that they are not going to get a good prospect for him
Maybe a lottery pick Minor league
Brian Yesterday at 3:09 pm
I look at it like he might provide value in the pen.
Metsense Yesterday at 3:10 pm
Definitely Nunez Get another Inning
If they weren’t10 games I would agree with you
Brian Yesterday at 3:12 pm
Ump called that a swing?!?
Glad to see Nunez back out there
Metsense Yesterday at 3:17 pm
He was a Multi innings pitcher In the minors
Brian Yesterday at 3:17 pm
but here comes matchup masturbation
Metsense Yesterday at 3:18 pm
This is a fault Of Mendoza
His Pitching changes Is blowing out the bullpen
A little bit of over managing
ChrisF Yesterday at 3:21 pm
i dint understand how managers cant do the simple math width shitty started going short and then thinking they can run out a new reliever every inning.
vientos should have had that
Brian Yesterday at 3:22 pm
Guess Garrett’s not the closer any more
Taylor gets a hit, Stewart gets a hit — nice to see
Metsense Yesterday at 3:35 pm
Walker is a good
Brian Yesterday at 3:38 pm
Well done, Garrett
Metsense Yesterday at 3:39 pm
Welcome back
I would go another inning with him
Don’t mess with success
Let’s get a Geico run
Arizona has a Seinfeld Infield Newman and Alexander
Brian Yesterday at 3:45 pm
Where’s Andy or Alan Benes when you need them?
There’s got to be MLB Kramers but the ones that are coming to me are football players – Tommy Kramer and Jerry Kramer
Metsense Yesterday at 3:53 pm
0 for O
Brian Yesterday at 3:53 pm
Not sure who pitches the ninth but let’s put up a crooked number here to make things easier for them.
Metsense Yesterday at 3:54 pm
Let’s get some runs
Brian Yesterday at 3:59 pm
Let’s hope the D’Backs 9th will be as unproductive as our 8th
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:00 pm
Who’s closing?
Metsense Yesterday at 4:01 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:01 pm
if you had Diekman on your bingo card for closer, well, well done!
and the disappointment begins
Brian Yesterday at 4:04 pm
Diekman has an 0.87 ERA at home and a 6.48 ERA at home
So of course he gives up a leadoff double
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:04 pm
cant throw strikes
Metsense Yesterday at 4:05 pm
Nunez, Young or Garrett Should have pitch 1 inning more
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:06 pm
and there she goes
total fail
Metsense Yesterday at 4:06 pm
S hit
Mendoza Is at fault
And the carousel keeps turning
And the ball pen get Shot
Let’s salvage this game and it POS
Brian Yesterday at 4:15 pm
The old John McKay line comes to mind.
Reporter: What do you think of your team’s execution?
McKay: I’m in favor of it.
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:15 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 4:15 pm
Brian Yesterday at 4:19 pm
Bader blows
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:21 pm
Brian Yesterday at 4:22 pm
C’mon Vientos – do it for Name
Metsense Yesterday at 4:22 pm
That was disappointing
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:22 pm
out with a whimper
Brian Yesterday at 4:22 pm
3-7 homestand – yuck
Metsense Yesterday at 4:24 pm
If they lose in Washington You can hang The season up
ChrisF Yesterday at 4:24 pm
0-2 in June. A .000 winning percentage…a bot below expected, but not by much
Metsense Yesterday at 4:26 pm
Thanks for the chatter. Don’t go near high windows Good night
NYM6986 Yesterday at 4:28 pm
So close