Brian Yesterday at 1:13 pm
Let’s Go Mets
Scoreless first for Manaea
Name! I hear you’re in London
Name Yesterday at 1:20 pm
Greetings from london!
Brian Yesterday at 1:20 pm
Cheering hard for Manaea, no doubt
How’s baseball in a soccer stadium?
Name Yesterday at 1:21 pm
One of the few, 80/20 split is my guess looking at the stadium colors
Brian Yesterday at 1:22 pm
Big game for the Mets and those turncoats will come out
Name Yesterday at 1:23 pm
Very circular
Brian Yesterday at 1:23 pm
I wish they grabbed two guys off the street rather than the FOX announcers we have
Name Yesterday at 1:25 pm
Lots of foul territory, reminds me of the colesiuem
Brian Yesterday at 1:27 pm
Nimmo got hosed on that 3-1 pitch
Name Yesterday at 1:28 pm
A run!
Brian Yesterday at 1:29 pm
Brian Yesterday at 1:36 pm
I don’t like this HP ump
Bader blows
Another terrible strike call
Announcer just echoed your statement about overwhelming edge to Philly fans.
Name Yesterday at 1:53 pm
I’m sitting near the broadcasters, can’t tell which one is fox
Brian Yesterday at 2:01 pm
Nimmo didn’t seem to bust after that foul ball
Name Yesterday at 2:01 pm
Brian Yesterday at 2:04 pm
That ball went a long way
didn’t seem like the greatest effort from Marte
Name Yesterday at 2:11 pm
Marte lack of effort cost the Mets 4 runs
Brian Yesterday at 2:12 pm
Offense is going to have to win this one
Name Yesterday at 2:16 pm
Long reliever can’t get thru 4
José Hunter Yesterday at 2:21 pm
Brian, you’re in London
That’s fantastic!!!!
I’ve never been out of this here country
It’s pretty amazing that you happen to be in London just when the Mets had a game there
Brian Yesterday at 2:26 pm
I’m not – Name is
Bader blows
C’mon Torrens – we need a hit
tough strike 2 call followed by bad swing at ball out of zone for strike 3
Torrens throws out a runner
Alonso with a rule book double – two in scoring position. Gotta cash in this inning
Good baserunning by Lindor gets a run on a ground out
Brian Yesterday at 2:52 pm
Reliever Houser has been great
Bader blows
ChrisF Yesterday at 3:10 pm
Hi B
marte has really stopped being an acceptable OF
it was a much better time when we used to beat the Phillies like a drum
i just can’t comprehend that the Phillies are this good
Name Yesterday at 3:27 pm
José Hunter Yesterday at 4:07 pm
Name, the phillies are not that good. They’re exceptionally lucky, plus their schedule thus far has been easy. The Mets, on the other hand, are corpses
Name Yesterday at 4:10 pm
That tucked
José Hunter Yesterday at 4:10 pm
You mean name has been a Brit all along? Who would have guessed? Because there’s no way he would have gone all the way across the pond just to see the Mets lose
Actually, I agree, that tucked
Name Yesterday at 4:12 pm
I was expecting a loss, but thought it would be a closer game
José Hunter Yesterday at 4:12 pm
Guys, I have to tell you I’m probably the happiest participant in Mets360. It’s so great to be around my people after all these years!
Name Yesterday at 4:12 pm
One great thing about london is that it doesn’t get dark until 10pm in the June