Brian Yesterday at 6:39 pm
No Nimmo, no Martinez tonight. Nimmo supposedly available to PH
Sore left ankle for Martinez
Vientos moves up to 3rd in the order and gets a single
Thomas pulls a Marte by pulling up before the side wall, giving Pete another shot
But he Ks to end the inning
Manaea picks off Abrams for the first out
Good Inning for Manaea, ending with a K
Torrens rips a one-out double
Brian Yesterday at 7:09 pm
Mets unable to cash in
Manaea sets ’em down in order in the 2nd.
Mets go quietly in the 3rd
NYM6986 Yesterday at 7:19 pm
Hey everyone. Again the Mets are facing a picture with an ERA just under five they need to score. Some runs against this guy.
Brian Yesterday at 7:21 pm
Would help if they quit striking out
Wow – didn’t think that ball was hit that good off the bat.
3 infield hits
beat you Gary!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 7:27 pm
Need a DP
You would think mentioning three infield hits would be Keith’s job as the color commentator
Brian Yesterday at 7:29 pm
If a kid just started watching Mets games now, he’d have no idea that Keith was a good broadcaster at one point.
Rare time to be happy with a HBP
Ha – beat you again Gary
NYM6986 Yesterday at 7:32 pm
Good call
Ron Darling is a much better color commentator and generally makes sense versus Keith who seems to lose his train of thought frequently
Brian Yesterday at 7:33 pm
Yes. I used to prefer Keith over Ron but that was many years ago
NYM6986 Yesterday at 7:33 pm
But without Keith, we don’t have a 1986 World Series win
Brian Yesterday at 7:34 pm
Leaping Taylor does it again
NYM6986 Yesterday at 7:35 pm
Mets have four players in their lineup tonight Heating over 300
I know that you are not a baby Acuna fan but he’s had a really great month down at AAA
Brian Yesterday at 7:37 pm
No, he really hasn’t
In this hot streak of Acuna’s, he has a .761 OPS. The Syracuse team has a .797 OPS this year and that includes April, which is typically the worst month for hitters. Acuna is nowhere near ready for a promotion and he’d be worse than Baty if they brought him up now. What happens when the singles stop finding holes? This is a BABIP streak which is completely unimpressive. Calling for his promotion based on 24 games of below-average production would be laughable if you were just some drunk at the bar. But that you write for the most-popular site out there makes this dangerous.
That was what I posted on the SNY Facebook page.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 7:40 pm
I wasn’t looking to promote him but over the last 28 games he’s hitting over 300 and over 800 OPS per baseball reference. Happy to let him sit the year at AAA
Brian Yesterday at 7:42 pm
I thought he was overrated when the Mets got him. I’d like nothing more than for him to put up good numbers. He’s just having great fortune with his BABIP. A hot streak where the hits fall in with not many walks and not much power
That June OPS was only the 11th best on the team. Of the 5 hitters with at least 50 ABs, Acuna’s OPS ranks fourth.
Nimmo in for Pinky
NYM6986 Yesterday at 7:46 pm
Manaea is doing good job so far. Let’s hope Brandon doesn’t pass out.
Brian Yesterday at 7:47 pm
It’s amazing to me that these professional athletes don’t do a better job of hyrdrating and watching their health.
Tane-us. I always wondered how you said his name
NYM6986 Yesterday at 7:48 pm
It could be because baseball players are probably The athletes that are in the worst shape of most sports.
Brian Yesterday at 7:49 pm
C’mon Gary – they were trying to say just last year that he wasn’t good enough defensively
NYM6986 Yesterday at 7:50 pm
Alvarez has become a field general in the mold of Gary Carter.
Brian Yesterday at 7:51 pm
We are going to enjoy watching him play for a long time
This guy is just carving us up
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:02 pm
We need to get to their pen
So as the only two people on this chat, and I am enjoying it, do we need a support group because we’re sitting on a beautiful day and watching the Mets all the time
Brian Yesterday at 8:05 pm
I’m happy to be in NC and able to watch the Mets. I remember watching the Braves games when they were terrible because it was my only option.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:06 pm
I’m spoiled in upstate New York having a great cable system as well as apps. They probably broadcast every single game other than what falls onto ESPN or Apple TV.
Brian Yesterday at 8:07 pm
What’s your monthly cable bill, if you don’t mind me asking
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:08 pm
Cable, Internet, phone that oddly we still sometimes use but I’ve always just loved our phone number probably about 260 a month
they are going to blame that Home run on the third time through the order
Brian Yesterday at 8:09 pm
I cut the cord on cable many years ago. I don’t regret it at all
they are going to blame that Home run on the third time through the order without a doubt
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:11 pm
Moving in that direction. Maybe You Tube. Plus other apps
Brian Yesterday at 8:12 pm
For awhile, we kept cable so the kids could watch Nickelodeon and Disney channel and I could watch sports.
But it just got too expensive to justify
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:13 pm
my kids Question why I have not already cut the cord but they don’t complain when they take my login for various items I get as part of my Spectrum package that they can then open up on Apps.
Brian Yesterday at 8:14 pm
And ours wasn’t as expensive as yours but I don’t remember the exact amount. $175 maybe for internet and cable
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:16 pm
The other issue is in some aspects, we are set in our ways of watching local news, the national evening news, etc., some network programs. So i’m willing to overpay for the convenience and also get 300 other channels that I wouldn’t watch if you paid me to do so
hard pitch to take
Brian Yesterday at 8:17 pm
It’s definitely more convenient and more reliable, too.
Alvarez not happy with this ump
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:19 pm
He’s in a precarious situation, squatting in front of them in the next inning
When they bitched a lot about Lindor earlier in the season, They overlooked the fact that he is still the glue of that infield and what a great shortstop that he plays.
Brian Yesterday at 8:20 pm
Time for Manaea to throw a pitch in the 7th
Lindor has a very long leash as far as I’m concerned
Actions speak louder than words, Mendoza
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:23 pm
Agee. Mendoza will pull him sooner than later, but if he could get a couple of quick outs with seven or eight pitches, that would be great.
That pitch was outside of the box they’re putting up there and the catcher pulled it in. Nice acting job.
Brian Yesterday at 8:27 pm
Yes, it certainly appeared that way. But at this point of the game, the Mets should be looking to swing the bat early in the count given how they’re whiffing
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:29 pm
Better chance to get a first pitch fastball as the pitcher tries to get ahead in the count
The Mets are rarely aggressive in that way.
Gotta appreciate McNeil‘s ability to play multiple positions
Brian Yesterday at 8:31 pm
Go Manaea Go
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:33 pm
What a catch
Brian Yesterday at 8:33 pm
Leaping Taylor strikes again
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:34 pm
they are much improved defensively over last year‘s team or at least they appear to be
Brian Yesterday at 8:36 pm
Poor McNeil
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:36 pm
Another hitless McNeil night
damn almost hit it out
Brian Yesterday at 8:38 pm
Now get him home
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:39 pm
Nimmo has only improved ever since he signed his big contract
Brian Yesterday at 8:39 pm
glad it was Nimmo up rather than Pinky
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:40 pm
Oh my God, it’s stolen base
Brian Yesterday at 8:45 pm
OK, Butto, throw strikes
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:45 pm
Be great for him to have a first outing that’s really good
Brian Yesterday at 8:48 pm
Got Winker out – that’s a good sign
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:49 pm
Tough play on Vientos
hate winker
Brian Yesterday at 8:50 pm
Saved a double, at least
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:50 pm
love the DP
9 pitches
Brian Yesterday at 8:51 pm
Now to take the lead!
He should get the 9th, regardless if we take the lead
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:51 pm
Name Yesterday at 8:56 pm
woohoo it’s tied
Brian Yesterday at 8:56 pm
Came back from being down 2-0
Alvarez not happy with that one, either
Name Yesterday at 9:03 pm
stupid not to bunt ruiz
Brian Yesterday at 9:04 pm
Name Yesterday at 9:04 pm
more extras
Brian Yesterday at 9:09 pm
Let’s win the rubber match of extra inning games
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:11 pm
Love that ghost run not
Brian Yesterday at 9:13 pm
Now let’s get him home, too
Name Yesterday at 9:13 pm
our scrub does it again
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:14 pm
One more would be key
Nimmo again
Name Yesterday at 9:16 pm
Brian Yesterday at 9:16 pm
If he started we wouldn’t have needed extras
Name Yesterday at 9:18 pm
Brian Yesterday at 9:18 pm
They’re going to love him in Japan
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:19 pm
Need Butto to come back out
Love it
Name Yesterday at 9:21 pm
Brian Yesterday at 9:21 pm
Name Yesterday at 9:21 pm
the Mets like the 10th in DC
Brian Yesterday at 9:22 pm
Extra innings allowing the Mets to pad their runs scored totals
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:24 pm
At least they are a positive run diferential because of how they played in June
Name Yesterday at 9:24 pm
the question remains – will we have to sweat the bottom of the 10th again?
Brian Yesterday at 9:24 pm
I’d really rather not. Last night was enough
Can’t blame Butto if this goes south
Name Yesterday at 9:26 pm
no walks please
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:28 pm
Likely thinking Butto will work out of the pen
nice win. Great effort by Manaea
Name Yesterday at 9:32 pm
stress-free inning!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:32 pm
Beat Keith to it.
Brian Yesterday at 9:32 pm
And getting it by retiring Winker
Name Yesterday at 9:32 pm
over 500
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:32 pm
Icing on the cake.
These are the teams we need to beat.
Name Yesterday at 9:34 pm
the Mets are 18-25 vs .500+ teams so they need to beat up on the weaklings
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:35 pm
Nice chat tonight.