zk Yesterday at 6:56 pm
At least we won’t get no-hit today. Way to go Pete
ChrisF Yesterday at 6:56 pm
Afternoon Mets fans
but 1 hit still seems possible
Is there some pressing reason Stewart is still on the squad?
zk Yesterday at 6:59 pm
He’s cheap, gets on base and hits a homer every now and then
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:01 pm
seems like a low bar, but not the biggest issue we face I suppose
zk Yesterday at 7:01 pm
It’s him or Ben Gamel. Potato-Puhtato
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:02 pm
fair enough
and I guess not much to choose from
zk Yesterday at 7:02 pm
We’re getting ready for first pitch – gotta run. Bring us home a win!
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:02 pm
good luck!!
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:13 pm
zk Yesterday at 7:14 pm
I saw it. Maybe don’t believe it but I saw it
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:14 pm
what position you play?
zk Yesterday at 7:15 pm
Also saw Pinky strike out. Now that I believe
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:15 pm
pitch count rising on Skenes
zk Yesterday at 7:24 pm
Nice DP
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:25 pm
nice catch Nimmo
zk Yesterday at 7:42 pm
saw that homer, unfortunately
zk Yesterday at 8:00 pm
Severino has allowed 3 HR and I’ve seen 2 of them
Boo Yesterday at 8:02 pm
Damn Bull pen
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:07 pm
Oh weren’t we all so excited for Nats and Pirates? Hmm
zk Yesterday at 8:14 pm
Hope we didn’t miss the chance to sell high on Severino
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:24 pm
Fraid so
thats a lot of HR to give to a team that cant hit
zk Yesterday at 8:31 pm
Diekman – maybe if he gives up homers it will be his last appearance
HP ump at our game had to leave due to heatstroke
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:35 pm
Unreal. Diekman needs to be DFAd. he sucks
ouch. I believe it though. The heat isnt safe
so much for the June magic
grand slam, base hit, and walk. That’s earning your salary
8-2. Meanwhile the team cant hit either, so OMG!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:41 pm
Assuming the Mets won’t excersize a team option and bring Diekman back for 2025
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:42 pm
sadly, thats perfectly Metsian
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:45 pm
Kudos to Keith for saying for God sake, it’s 8 to 2 go and sit down
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:45 pm
Shelton just bonkers for even coming out
well June has certainly gone bye bye
Name Yesterday at 8:47 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:47 pm
HI Name
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:48 pm
Well they will only be 2-3 for the month – not quite a panic, but losing 3 in a row is not a good look
Evening everyone
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:48 pm
uh huh. And its the Nats and Pirates
Name Yesterday at 8:49 pm
Sevy sucked?
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:49 pm
3 HR
Diekman gave up a grand slam with Sev loading the bases
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:49 pm
Figured they would not win the opener but 4 hits in 8 inning sucks
Name Yesterday at 8:50 pm
at least it wasn’t a walk!
are these the Pirates City Connects?
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:51 pm
Skenes just another in a long line of unproven pitchers to make the Mets look like high schoolers
Yes they are
Name Yesterday at 8:51 pm
wow they are probably the worst unis i’ve ever seen
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:53 pm
Skenes is having a strong season for the Bucs, low era and very few walks. We need one of those.
zk Yesterday at 8:54 pm
Skenes was the top prospect in the game at the time of his promotion
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:54 pm
I’d say the Piit cc units are in the bottom pile of these monstrosities
zk Yesterday at 8:54 pm
You think the Bucs city connects are worse than ours?
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:55 pm
Id put them both in the “wanting” categpry
zk Yesterday at 8:55 pm
I think they blew it by not using Burgh or something else. PGH looks bad but I like the yellow
Name Yesterday at 8:55 pm
yes, far worse
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:56 pm
PGH just reaching for more common usages like that. Dont like it. They’d of been better off putting a Primanti Bros sandwich for a logo!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:58 pm
6 or our 9 batters are an O-fer tonight. Versus 12 hits for the Bucs and now 5 HR
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:58 pm
5 Hr off Met pitching. ugly
NYM6986 Yesterday at 8:59 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:59 pm
like batting practice
Name Yesterday at 8:59 pm
a Duda special
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:00 pm
Adcock and Diekman should rent a car and I don’t care where they go
Name Yesterday at 9:00 pm
another Duda special
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:01 pm
I dont recall seeing Willie Stargell in a uniform – but it sure feels like hes here
yeah a classic Duda Special
I wouldn’t let Alcock or Diekman even in the locker room. Just usher them straight to the park exit
Name Yesterday at 9:02 pm
it sucks that Ron is off 2 series in a row
who’s the position player pitcher? Torrens?
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:06 pm
Not sure, but that sounds good
earlier they said that the 24 Mets have yet to have shit out this year
2 grannies in a single game
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:07 pm
It’s funny that you mentioned Willie Stargell because I thought these pirate uniforms were awful and then fondly flashed back to Stargell in similar colors who was a great player. Still never liked the uniforms
Name Yesterday at 9:08 pm
there we go
this will kill our run differential
even though they don’t matter
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:09 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:09 pm
we just went from +12 to even
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:10 pm
cmon Gary, get the baseball cards out. We’ve reached that
who will it be?/??????
Name Yesterday at 9:11 pm
pretty sure they don’t bring cards on the road
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:11 pm
youd think that would be an important part of the travel kit
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:11 pm
Maybe we should have kept Diekman in
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:12 pm
im gonna remember you said that
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:12 pm
in the rental car I mean
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:13 pm
and we have a new reliever
Name Yesterday at 9:14 pm
i was right!
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:14 pm
i think the Diaz cheating really killed us
Name Yesterday at 9:14 pm
better than Adcock!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:15 pm
Stearns needs to make some quick deals before all of the better relievers are gone. I’d rather not be forced to put our failed starting pictures as bullpen pieces and convince myself that they can do that job.
Name Yesterday at 9:15 pm
nah, not having Diaz probably earned a few more wins. he sucks
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:15 pm
oh I think the deal is that its time to unload everyone. It’s a major mistake to think that this club is “in” anything
except trouble
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:16 pm
Torrens is the new Ohtani but at least he could pitch this season
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:16 pm
the team had built up a lot of trade value, and now its just falling off a cliff
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:17 pm
I’d say in the next two weeks against sub .500 teams,
If they are not 5 games
Over they are out
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:17 pm
nats and pirates were gonna be the push over the hump…
meanwhile trade value dropping.
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:19 pm
The reality is that we are in the same league with all those under .500 teams. We just kid ourselves when we think we are more talented than they are. It’s depressing
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:21 pm
Exactly. This team is a 78-81 win team. Nothing more. Reality is something the fan base easily dispenses with in favor of Ya Gotta Believe garbage
Name Yesterday at 9:21 pm
hustle hit
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:21 pm
see ya boys
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:23 pm
Tomorrow is another day and we will all be crazy enough to be keeping tabs on the Mets. Have a good evening, everyone.