Brian Yesterday at 7:03 pm
Corbin and Severino – could be a high scoring game!
But one of Severino’s good starts came against the Nats – 8 IP, 1 ER
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:08 pm
Evening Brian (Mets fan!)
Brian Yesterday at 7:09 pm
Ready for offense?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:09 pm
Fingers crossed
so you think Lindor gets to 70 bWAR? HoF?
Brian Yesterday at 7:10 pm
Yes and yes
I was looking at that last night when you wee talking about it.
He’s got 50.4 fWAR, with 19.7 in 3+ years as a Met
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:12 pm
I do to. He may not have all the total accolades, but a number of SS and GG plus 2000+ hits with prob 300 HR does it
Brian Yesterday at 7:12 pm
Think it’s a safe bet he gets 20 more the rest of his careeer.
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:12 pm
I hate to say it, but I think hes a seriously under-rated SS
Severino sure getting loud outs
Brian Yesterday at 7:13 pm
I know Mets fans don’t really appreciate him enough
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:14 pm
back when I was writing for you, I did an article shortly after he joined and suggested he would make career hof numbers!!
Once I can get to retirement in a couple years I’d like to write again
Brian Yesterday at 7:15 pm
I know after his first year as a Met, FanGraphs re-did their defensive metrics for WAR and one of the people it helped was Lindor.
You’ll always be welcome to contribute here!
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:16 pm
BTW, not sure if you saw in chat, but at a AAA game here it was fascinating to see the pitch challenge and it was fast. Im looking forward to it
thanks, very kind of you
Brian Yesterday at 7:16 pm
We got to see it in a ST game, where they showed it on the video board. Pretty fast and easy, assuming the technology is good.
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:16 pm
I didnt know that about fangraphs defense
Brian Yesterday at 7:17 pm
Yeah, they incorporated some Statcast measures to go along with UZR
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:17 pm
Brian Yesterday at 7:18 pm
Most players had minimal changes but Lindor got a boost.
From this April: “Today, we’ve made some changes to Wins Above Replacement that completes the move from UZR to the full suite of Statcast equivalent metrics in FanGraphs WAR. This process began in 2022, when we replaced UZR’s range component with Statcast’s Fielding Runs Prevented, which is Outs Above Average (OAA) converted to runs above average. UZR will continue to be calculated on FanGraphs through the end of the 2025 season. Today’s changes are retroactive to the 2016 season.”
2024 FanGraphs WAR Update | FanGraphs Baseball

Today’s changes complete the move from UZR to the fu…
I wasn’t sure if they did retroactive changes in 2022 but now we know it goes back to 2016
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:22 pm
Brian Yesterday at 7:22 pm
2 HR behind Pete – can he catch him before the break?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:23 pm
Pete seems to be in a hole thats for sure
Brian Yesterday at 7:23 pm
JDM right there with him
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:23 pm
good exit velocity for Pete there
Id score that e5
Brian Yesterday at 7:24 pm
infield hit – good for Pete!
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:24 pm
I think he tried to catch it in the air
Brian Yesterday at 7:24 pm
that would be a tough error
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:25 pm
I mean ok, but right at him and totally playable
ok, Sev, hold the line!!
Brian Yesterday at 7:26 pm
It’s a play that can be made. Is it a play that should be made? I don’t know
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:26 pm
I answered Gus today. Ive had the same issue for some time
Brian Yesterday at 7:29 pm
Vientos is a below-average 3B but he’s playable there
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:29 pm
I think so. The bat covers the glove and then some
that was a big league stop pure and simple
Brian Yesterday at 7:30 pm
It will be real interesting to see how the Mets infield looks next year.
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:30 pm
agreed!! I think Baty needs a change of scenery
Brian Yesterday at 7:31 pm
I want to see him after he has 200 PA in AAA
It’s possible the change he needed was being sent to the minors for an extended stay
At the same time, I don’t believe you can let him hold up a trade
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:36 pm
i dont see baty displacing Vientos now, and every day the gap grows, but sure i see your point.
Brian Yesterday at 7:37 pm
It’s possible Vientos is playing 1B next year
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:38 pm
percentage estimate on Pete returning?
Brian Yesterday at 7:38 pm
And who knows what will happen with Mauricio?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:39 pm
yeah Im about in the same place
Mauricio has a long recovery. It’s a shitty injury. I hope he can recover his swing
Brian Yesterday at 7:39 pm
I think Pete would prefer to stay
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:39 pm
i get that sense too
Brian Yesterday at 7:40 pm
But it’s pretty clear he’s not getting 7 years now
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:40 pm
yeah, he should have taken that contract and moved on
Brian Yesterday at 7:41 pm
Did the Mets officially offer that? I know fans speculated that
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:41 pm
I thought so, but maybe not
Brian Yesterday at 7:42 pm
I thought before this year, a 5-year deal would be my max. Now it might be 3 years
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:42 pm
The New York Mets attempted to sign first baseman Pete Alonso to an extension last summer, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post. Sherman notes that the offer was for seven years and $158 million, and would’ve covered both his final year of arbitration eligibility plus six free-agent seasons.
Brian Yesterday at 7:42 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:43 pm
I dont think he gets that going forward
Brian Yesterday at 7:43 pm
I wonder if Boras will get him to take a one-year deal so he can enter free agency next year, hopefully off a better season
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:44 pm
Im still at 5 years, maybe 140M
Brian Yesterday at 7:44 pm
I get it. It’s too risky to me
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:45 pm
Pete is a worry for sure, but he will get years, its just how it works now
Brian Yesterday at 7:46 pm
I can just hear my mom – If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:47 pm
well its industry related. At some point you need to have FA and not clear to me theres a short years path to landing top FA
unless its already old age.
Brian Yesterday at 7:49 pm
The Mets are going to be paying for the decline years of Nimmo and Lindor – do they want/need to do that with Alonso, too?
You’re talking about a contract for Pete that pays him $28 million a year
Hey, we got Winker out!
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:50 pm
I understand but at 5 years I still see 3 as solid perfomance
Brian Yesterday at 7:51 pm
How would you categorize his 2024?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:51 pm
I think there is life after 30, but maybe not 33
not great
have you ever heard pitchcomm working?
Brian Yesterday at 7:53 pm
In 2022, he had a 3.9 fWAR. Last year it was 2.9 and the projection for this year is 2.5
have you ever heard pitchcomm working? It has happened!
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:54 pm
Look I think theres a real reason to see if he can be spun off this year
so what does the pitcher get? Just a word?
Brian Yesterday at 7:55 pm
I’m ambivalent about trading him. Can see the argument for either side. I just don’t see the argument for a 5-year deal.
so what does the pitcher get? Just a word? Not sure what you’re asking
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:55 pm
bad baseball
Brian Yesterday at 7:56 pm
Severino too good to back up the plate?
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:56 pm
and Severino meltsdown
what i mean is – what does the pitcher get when the catcher presses buttons ?
Brian Yesterday at 7:58 pm
Ron – Nimmo was almost in the infield. There’s no way they should have sent the runner there.
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:58 pm
what does the catcher really have on his knee
Brian Yesterday at 7:58 pm
I assume it’s the pitch and not a number. Could be wrong
ChrisF Yesterday at 7:59 pm
i know…he would have been out by 5 feet
Brian Yesterday at 8:03 pm
“Players with the controller will input the combination of buttons that correlate to a certain pitch and then a certain location. The other players with the receiver will then hear instructions in their native language on the pitch and location.”
What is PitchCom in baseball? Explaining the device used b…

The device is helping pitchers and catchers better communi…
Thought that might be a triple but guess he didn’t want to risk the third out at 3B
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:06 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:09 pm
Now that’s where they needed to be aggressive with the 3B coach
C’mon Pinky
Woops, Taylor before Pinky
Alvarez with the CS!
Very disappointing offensive night against a has-been pitcher
Metsense Yesterday at 8:25 pm
Has been – Did anybody call me?
Brian Yesterday at 8:25 pm
Hey Metsense
Metsense Yesterday at 8:29 pm
Garrett is injured. But he still pull The starter
Brian Yesterday at 8:29 pm
Mendoza should take some heat for the way he used him the past four days
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:31 pm
Hi Metsense
keep telling me about offense Brian!!!
Metsense Yesterday at 8:32 pm
Hi Chris
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:32 pm
this game has been dreadful
Brian Yesterday at 8:32 pm
Both teams should be embarrased
JD hits – maybe Pete can, too
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:34 pm
I cant stand all this talk about Wild Card status before the asb
Brian Yesterday at 8:34 pm
We needed that aggressive baserunning earlier
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:35 pm
he should have been out. That was a crazy choice!
good grief
Brian Yesterday at 8:36 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 8:36 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:36 pm
Pete gotta score there
Brian Yesterday at 8:37 pm
No outs, so not as bad as it could’ve been
Woodrow Yesterday at 8:37 pm
Bottom of the rotation starters shouldn’t go 3 times through an order
Brian Yesterday at 8:40 pm
C’mon Iglesias
Metsense Yesterday at 8:40 pm
Vientos has a 1.9 bWAR
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:41 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:42 pm
Doubt Tejada ever flirted with .400
Metsense Yesterday at 8:42 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:44 pm
What are you swinging at, Pinky?
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:44 pm
crazt fc
Brian Yesterday at 8:45 pm
The offense came – just later than we expected
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:49 pm
you called it
Brian Yesterday at 8:50 pm
And if Diekman comes in – that could jumpstart the Nats’ offense
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:52 pm
well folks, I dont see a lead we can sustain here.
Gus Yesterday at 8:53 pm
Hi folks
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:54 pm
Brian Yesterday at 8:54 pm
Hey Gus – I just gave you a prospective answer in the Open Thread
Gus Yesterday at 8:54 pm
thank you Brian. How are y’all doing?
Brian Yesterday at 8:54 pm
Ask me in five minutes
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:55 pm
lets hope its only 5!!!
Pinky, Brian, you crack me up
Brian Yesterday at 8:57 pm
The way he prances on the field – it’s a great fit
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:58 pm
Like pinky and the brain!
Gus Yesterday at 8:58 pm
that was terrible by Wood.
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:58 pm
well that was sure an unlikely outcome
Brian Yesterday at 8:58 pm
I was thinking more like My LIttle Pony
I’m doing Great, Gus! How about you?
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:59 pm
yeah. Plus doesnt we wear all the pink PPE?
Brian Yesterday at 8:59 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 8:59 pm
can you send me the info about the refresh?
Metsense Yesterday at 8:59 pm
Diekman does it
Brian Yesterday at 8:59 pm
What refresh?
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:00 pm
Id like to meet whomever had “Diekman does it” on their bingo card!
what you sent Gus. I get hat issue on my iPad all the time
Brian Yesterday at 9:01 pm
Aha – I told him to try to click on the calendar. If you get a hyperlink on the date for the calendar, it should take you to the stories posted that day.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:01 pm
even when I hit the “home” link, it rolls back to a previous page I had open and not the new front page
Metsense Yesterday at 9:01 pm
Bingo !!!
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:01 pm
you kill me Metsense!!
JD could sure use a 450 footer
Metsense Yesterday at 9:02 pm
Next # O -0
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:03 pm
Pete could sure use a 450 footer
Brian Yesterday at 9:03 pm
I’d settle for 350 down the line
Cardinals lost G1 and they’re losing G2
Wild Card fever – catch it!
Gus Yesterday at 9:07 pm
Feedback:went to my laptop and the calendar only goes through that date, June 11.
I’ll try Chris’s way now
Gus Yesterday at 9:08 pm
Ok, that got me here…
Brian Yesterday at 9:09 pm
Ump flattens it but doesn’t pick it up?!?
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:09 pm
Did Diekman really not let in any runs?
Brian Yesterday at 9:09 pm
Yep – and Metsense called Bingo
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:09 pm
I have the same issue Gus, it’s like the Home Screen is locked on that day. One thing that sometimes helps is looking for new comments and clicking on the comment
Gus Yesterday at 9:11 pm
I tried that too Chris., Cant see any. Also, I went to the page for the Catch -All from this morning and hit the METS360 at the top, and it put me back to June 11.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:12 pm
yeah. Like I said, I get the url extension from my phone then type it in on my ipad

Patrick Corbin vs Luis Severino (7/10/24)

Patrick Corbin vs Luis Severino (7/10/24) – Mets360

Visit the post for more.
Brian Yesterday at 9:13 pm
Not sure why they didn’t leave Diekman in to face Winker and then bring in Butto. Burned thru a reliever unnecesarily
Metsense Yesterday at 9:13 pm
TC Reincarnated
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:13 pm
C’mon B, you know we have 15 relievers in the pen
Gus Yesterday at 9:13 pm
This is getting rediculous with Mendoza. Someone told him that a reliever can’t sit and come back
Brian Yesterday at 9:14 pm
Mendoza trying to figure out how he can bring Garrett into the game
Gus Yesterday at 9:14 pm
Very good point on Diekman
Metsense Yesterday at 9:14 pm
The hospital is making money With Mendoza
Gus Yesterday at 9:14 pm
I would be very impressed if Butto pitches the ninth also
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:15 pm
lets get this out
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:15 pm
Mendoza should get slapped if z
Butto doesn’t go out for the ninth. That assumes he doesn’t implode and gets the last out of the eighth
Oh yeah,
Metsense Yesterday at 9:16 pm
Brian Yesterday at 9:16 pm
Gus – here’s the link to today’s Open Thread, if that helps —
Wednesday catch-all thread (7/10/24) – Mets360

Wednesday catch-all thread (7/10/24)

ChrisF Yesterday at 9:16 pm
Gus Yesterday at 9:16 pm
What is happening? Brian is on those two devices, the laptop, and the iPad, for whatever reason the homes site revert back to that page, respectively.
Brian Yesterday at 9:17 pm
Get you a Droid
Metsense Yesterday at 9:17 pm
Gary It is simple Leave him in
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:17 pm
Gus you can clear your history for a day, and then try again
somewtimes that works too
Gus Yesterday at 9:18 pm
I did that
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:18 pm
Might need a restart
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:18 pm
Can we get another run or two?
Metsense Yesterday at 9:19 pm
That would be nice
Gus Yesterday at 9:19 pm
Back to Mendoza, I have read that many good managers crap on their bullpens
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:20 pm
i think its industry wide.
Protecting starters, third time through, lefty lefty etc
Name Yesterday at 9:23 pm
yay a lead
Brian Yesterday at 9:23 pm
Tough one for Alvarez
Gus Yesterday at 9:23 pm
mcNeil can’t do anything right
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:23 pm
Gus Yesterday at 9:23 pm
Brian Yesterday at 9:24 pm
McNeil running on the play, Alvarez hits right to the guy covering 2B for a DP
Gus Yesterday at 9:24 pm
He was running, wasn’t he? And that caused the DP
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:24 pm
ah, right
i didnt even realize McNeil was in this game!
Brian Yesterday at 9:27 pm
Just came on as a PR for Vientos
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:27 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:28 pm
Bingo on another run.
Name Yesterday at 9:28 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:28 pm
Metsense Yesterday at 9:29 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:29 pm
Anyone want to see Marte anymore?
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:29 pm
Brian Yesterday at 9:30 pm
When Marte comes back, they can option DJ
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:30 pm
really hard to give Marte ABs IMO
Brian Yesterday at 9:30 pm
He can be the PR instead of McNeil
Gus Yesterday at 9:30 pm
I think Marte brings energy, and not many of these guys do. Now on defense, those T-Rex arms have to go
Metsense Yesterday at 9:30 pm
Taylor was not going good
Brian Yesterday at 9:30 pm
And, yeah, I know they did it for defense in the 9th
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:31 pm
I dont see the energy in Marte Gus.
I guess Im done with him. Bench player to me
Name Yesterday at 9:31 pm
he aint on the juice anymore
no energy
Brian Yesterday at 9:31 pm
“You lollygag on the bases. You lollygag in the field. You know what that makes you? Larry?”
Metsense Yesterday at 9:31 pm
I thought Marte was good
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:32 pm
Gus Yesterday at 9:32 pm
I am officially impressed
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:32 pm
Good answer for getting rid of Stewart when Marte does come back.
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:32 pm
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:33 pm
Butto – New 8th inning reliever?
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:35 pm
Tejada does it all!!
Metsense Yesterday at 9:35 pm
He is a multi inning Reliever
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:35 pm
Name Yesterday at 9:35 pm
stress free ending!
Metsense Yesterday at 9:35 pm
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:36 pm
thats a change for the better
Brian Yesterday at 9:36 pm
Half game out in the Wild Card – just for you Chris
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:36 pm
Above .500!
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:37 pm
soooo close, with what 70 games to play???
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:37 pm
Would like them to run the table up to the Allstar game.
Gus Yesterday at 9:37 pm
Good game guys! Good night!
Metsense Yesterday at 9:37 pm
So lets SELL !!!
ChrisF Yesterday at 9:37 pm
Finally Metsense you get it!!
if we could only play the Nationals 50 times
Night gents. Hope you all have a pleasant evening
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:38 pm
I’d like to catch the Braves.
Metsense Yesterday at 9:39 pm
Series win !!!
NYM6986 Yesterday at 9:39 pm
Nice chat tonight.
Gus Yesterday at 9:39 pm
If the Yankees keep tanking, think they sell Soto?
Metsense Yesterday at 9:41 pm
Thanks for the chatter Good night