It seems everyone from Sandy Alderson to manager Terry Collins are willing to give Oliver Perez every chance to make the 2011 New York Mets team out of spring training. Many fans and some in the front office feel he does not deserve the opportunity because of citing his past transgressions. The only reason he is getting the chance is because of the $12 million owed to him, which is odd since COO Jeff Wilpon claimed the Mets are willing to just eat the money. Apparently, even he has had enough.

Well, the Mets have taken steps to be rid of the man who has done nothing to help, only to hinder, this team since the 2007 season. Collins made the announcement Perez is out of the competition to be a starter. Much to the chagrin of Perez you can be sure. Instead, he is now getting a chance to be the lefty specialist out of the bullpen. If Pedro Feliciano was still with the Mets, this would not be an option. Perez would more than likely be gone right now since that position would be filled by Feliciano.

When asked if he would accept a minor league assignment, Perez stated it was not something he was thinking about right now. His thoughts were to only be a starter. If you recall, he was asked to go to the minors last year and said he would not accept the assignment. He wanted to make his adjustments while in the majors. It did not work out well, even when he was placed in the bullpen. While it was his right to not accept the minor league assignment, he just showed he really does not have the best interest of the team in his heart. This would have sealed his fate had it been me.

With what I have seen so far in spring training, there certainly is no room for this chaos known as Perez on the 2011 team. This is his last chance. Should he make any mistakes, chances are the Mets will just place him on waivers and release him. Is there a chance another team will take him? Well, there is a always a fool hardy chance. However, I find it difficult to see any team taking him in hopes of finding a way to fix him. Sometimes a player just cannot be fixed. Only released.


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