Into the minds of Mets pitchers including Jeremy Hefner and R.A. Dickey

We are always quick to judge a pitcher on his work performance. If he does not perform up to our standards, then we have no problem calling for management to give him his walking papers. Yet how often do we really think about what is going on in the mind of a pitcher? When was [...]

Terry Collins talks about Wright, Francisco and more

“The execution was perfect. I had the right guy at the plate. I don't there is a better execution of fundamentals of the game than Ronny Cedeno. He's as good as it gets." Terry Collins on Cedeno’s fundamentals as reported by Matt Ehalt, It is great to hear a manager use the words “execution [...]

Mets Quotes of the Week: David Wright edition

"That kind of business I leave to Seth and Sam (Levinson, his agents). They can handle it. But I'm going to steer clear. I'm trying to play baseball. Worrying about my contract is too much. It's hard to prepare for Barry Zito as it is. It's damn near impossible if I'm thinking about business.''' -David [...]