“That kind of business I leave to Seth and Sam (Levinson, his agents). They can handle it. But I’m going to steer clear. I’m trying to play baseball. Worrying about my contract is too much. It’s hard to prepare for Barry Zito as it is. It’s damn near impossible if I’m thinking about business.”’

David Wright as reported by Jon Heyman, CBSSports.com

“I looked at David [Wright] when he came last winter and the first thing I said is, ‘What are you doing?’ He said, ‘I don’t know.’ Here’s a big league guy saying ‘I don’t know.’ That tells you how far he had gotten away from things.”

-Nick Boothe as reported by Mike Puma, NY Post

“Whether he realizes it or not, Wright, who has said consistently he doesn’t want to leave New York, is starting to put pressure on Mets ownership to get negotiations going  to ensure that he does indeed stay… the Mets can’t afford to allow even the perception of him following Reyes out the door.”

-Bill Madden, NY Daily News

“You can’t please everybody. You can’t sign every autograph. You can’t talk to everybody. You can’t do that or you’d never have time to be yourself. But [David Wright] does it unbelievably well. He handles a huge load, and I’m sure that can be stressful and take away from the time when he wants to relax and just think about what he needs to do. All us young guys listen to what he says.”

Ike Davis as reported Jerry Crasnick, ESPNNewYork.com

“Right now he reminds me of what I saw in Jeff Bagwell in 1994 when he was the MVP. There was not an at-bat he gave away. David is on one of those streaks right now.”

Terry Collins as reported by David Lennon, Newsday.com

“I hope [Jose Reyes] loses focus in the game and starts thinking about that [tribute]. Everyone knows what Jose has meant to this organization. It’ll be a little strange seeing him in a different uniform.”

-David Wright as reported by Mike Kerwick, The Record

“No one should be itching to see Wright go. He’s meant a great deal to this franchise and it would be nice to see one Mets icon actually go from his first day to the last day with the team.”

-Josh Alper, NBC New York

“I love it. Maybe we don’t have the talent or experience or household names that other teams have. But give me guys that work the way these guys work and play the way we try to play the game, and I’ll sign up for that.”

-David Wright as reported by Jerry Crasnick, ESPNNewYork.com


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