Terry Collins facing pivotal year

As the Mets convene on Port St. Lucie for spring training on Monday, Terry Collins will be tasked with one of his hardest challenges in his coaching tenure. As the team regrettably says goodbye to some seasoned vets (i.e. R.A. Dickey, Scott Hairston) and some not so regrettably (Jason Bay, Josh Thole, Jon Rauch, Ramon [...]

Why Terry Collins should embrace his lame-duck status

“You are what your record says you are.” Most sports fans recognize that quote from Bill Parcells. And while it’s a football quote, let’s use it to examine Terry Collins. Last year the Mets were 74-88 and the year before that they were 77-85. If you are what your record says you are, then the [...]

Like Terry Collins, you should have faith in Frank Francisco

About three weeks ago, I asked how you felt about Frank Francisco. The comments ranged from “CRINGE” to “nervous” to “HORRIBLE.” Since then he’s pitched in eight games, has an 0-2 record with 5 Saves and an 8.10 ERA. Yet I actually feel better about Francisco now then I did when I wrote the earlier [...]

Terry Collins talks about Wright, Francisco and more

“The execution was perfect. I had the right guy at the plate. I don't there is a better execution of fundamentals of the game than Ronny Cedeno. He's as good as it gets." Terry Collins on Cedeno’s fundamentals as reported by Matt Ehalt, ESPNNewYork.com It is great to hear a manager use the words “execution [...]

Collins, Wright dustup: Much ado about nothing

If you are looking for a divisive reason for the Mets to suddenly implode, you are going to have to look elsewhere if you think the latest “disagreement” between Terry Collins and David Wright is going to fester. Frankly, it is much ado about nothing. We should all know the scenario by now. In a [...]

It may be time to reward Terry Collins with contract extension

As the Mets sit at 18-13 and five games above .500 for the first time in two years, we should all applaud the job Terry Collins has done. To look forward, we should first look back. Just look back at what Terry Collins inherited when he was hired and assess the job he has done [...]

Ruben Tejada should stand his ground in spat with Terry Collins

In today’s New York Post, Mike Vaccaro weighs in on the little spat over Ruben Tejada reporting to camp. Here’s a short excerpt: “As a parent might, Collins wants Tejada to know he’s not furious at him, he isn’t angry that he didn’t settle his visa issues early enough to be here sooner. No, he’s [...]

Terry Collins on hot seat as year two is pivotal for Mets managers

If fans picked the team’s manager, it is highly unlikely that Terry Collins would have gotten the job last season. But if you asked those same fans a year later what they thought of Collins, the vast majority would give him a favorable job rating. Collins did an excellent job of keeping his team together [...]

The 2012 Mets: Trusting Sandy Alderson

The two League Championship Series have just concluded and we’ll see a never-before matchup in the World Series. Texas-St. Louis offers a couple of fresh – and one most unlikely – faces on the national stage. This will be the first Series in recent memory in which both teams got there on the backs of [...]

Mets Will Have An Impact On The Wild Card Race After All

They’ve infuriated me. They’ve puzzled me. At times, they’ve even bored me. They can follow sparkling play with utter ineptitude – in the space of a heartbeat. They’ve gone through such violent “mood swings” this year, that you can’t even chalk it up to “Well, that’s baseball…” Vin Scully has said many times that winning [...]

Will Terry Collins brimstone approach spark Mets in final weeks?

After Thursday’s debacle against the Washington Nationals in which the Mets were down 2-1 in the seventh inning, but lost the game 10-1 and thus completing a four game sweep for the Nationals, Mets’ manager Terry Collins had a few choice words for his ball club. "Perception is reality in our game and the perception [...]