The Mets dodged a bullet with George Springer

George Springer is a terrific player and as a playoff-tested, right-handed slugger who plays a solid centerfield, he seemed to be the most coveted free agent for Mets fans. Alas, it was not meant to be, as the Blue Jays swooped in and snagged the former Astro All-Star for six years and $150 million. The [...]

Sandy Alderson and the Mets’ payroll drop

Loyal reader Metsense recently posted this thought: I feel sorry for Sandy Alderson. I believe, when he initially signed on, he thought of the Mets as Moneyball only with money. Imagine if he took the $142M payroll, lopped off the Perez and Castillo contracts and went into this winter with a $128M to spend. I [...]

The 2012 Mets: Trusting Sandy Alderson

The two League Championship Series have just concluded and we’ll see a never-before matchup in the World Series. Texas-St. Louis offers a couple of fresh – and one most unlikely – faces on the national stage. This will be the first Series in recent memory in which both teams got there on the backs of [...]

Mets Will Have An Impact On The Wild Card Race After All

They’ve infuriated me. They’ve puzzled me. At times, they’ve even bored me. They can follow sparkling play with utter ineptitude – in the space of a heartbeat. They’ve gone through such violent “mood swings” this year, that you can’t even chalk it up to “Well, that’s baseball…” Vin Scully has said many times that winning [...]

Mets’ Ownership Situation Makes Forecasting That Much More Difficult

Over my last couple of pieces, I’ve tried to get a pulse on what the Mets’ 2012 season might look like. It’d be easier to predict tomorrow night’s lottery numbers. It’s always a tricky thing to try and guess what will happen down the line. The best anyone can do to predict the future is [...]

A look back at Sandy Alderson’s first year as GM

Last October immediately after the end of the season the Mets fired general manager Omar Minaya. Before Halloween, they hired Sandy Alderson to take his place. With almost a complete baseball season under his belt, let’s take a look back and see how Alderson has done. Here are his major moves, excluding the 2011 Draft, [...]

Who’s On Your Wish List For 2012, Mets’ Fans?

Last week, I posed the question “Who will the 2012 Mets be?” barring any major additions or subtractions on the player personnel side. Well, now let’s make those additions and/or subtractions. When I say “let’s,” I mean just that: I’ll throw out my opinions as to who should be brought in, and then I’ll throw [...]

The New York Mets: It’s Gotta Get Better, Right?

There’s a lot going on in Met-land lately, but I’m finding myself hard pressed to pay attention. There’s talk of new uniforms next year…again! If it’s to be a ditching of the tired, oh-so-90’s “Mets In Black” look, I say “Hear! Hear!” I could go through the rest of my life with only the home [...]

Will David Einhorn Save The Mets?

It would appear the endgame is nigh for Fred and Jeff Wilpon. The judges are convening – even as we speak – and the fate of the ownership seems a fait accompli: the Wilpons will be forced to sell their chunk of the Mets in order to pay off mammoth debts on Madoff victims, SNY-TV, [...]

Did Alderson strike a wrong note with Carrasco signing?

The stage was set perfectly for D.J. Carrasco Saturday night. Carrasco, who entered the game unscored upon in his last six outings, was called into action early after Mike Pelfrey had to leave the game after getting hit by a line drive. The Mets were up 4-2 with no outs and a runner on first [...]

Mets Then & Now: Steve Henderson and Angel Pagan

I’ve been a Met fan for as long as I can remember. I could say since 1967, but I was two-years-old and don’t really remember much. I could have been swayed to the Yankees at the time, since when people would ask me who my favorite baseball player was and I would reflexively answer “Mickey [...]

Collins’ performance makes fans forget about Backman

We had a poll on the site earlier this week which asked: “Knowing what we know now, who do you want managing the 2011 Mets?” There were four choices – Wally Backman, Terry Collins, Davey Johnson and Other. I expected that the crowd would have a majority for Collins but I thought Backman would have [...]