Will David Einhorn Save The Mets?

It would appear the endgame is nigh for Fred and Jeff Wilpon. The judges are convening – even as we speak – and the fate of the ownership seems a fait accompli: the Wilpons will be forced to sell their chunk of the Mets in order to pay off mammoth debts on Madoff victims, SNY-TV, [...]

Mets Then & Now: Steve Henderson and Angel Pagan

I’ve been a Met fan for as long as I can remember. I could say since 1967, but I was two-years-old and don’t really remember much. I could have been swayed to the Yankees at the time, since when people would ask me who my favorite baseball player was and I would reflexively answer “Mickey [...]

The watchword under Alderson: Calm

Seems to me… …there’s something missing in the Mets’ front office these days: panic. It’s beyond refreshing to have another team in the division – our arch-rival, even, if you will – make a big, splashy move and have the reaction from Flushing be…well…nothing. The Phillies, of all teams, signed Cliff Lee to a contract [...]

The magic is back: 1980-2010 similarities

Seems to me… …I’ve heard this song before. 30 years before, to be exact. The 2010 MLB Winter Meetings have just concluded and the New York Mets did…nearly nothing. I take this as a good sign. Really. Joan Whitney Payson was the Mets’ first owner and if not their Patron Saint (that would be Casey [...]

Mets Rewind: August 1

Here's what happened on this day in New York Mets history: 1989: The New York Mets blast the St. Louis Cardinals 11-0. Kevin McReynolds hit for the cycle (the first Met to accomplish the feat since Keith Hernandez did in 1985) and Sid Fernandez pitched a four-hit complete game shutout. 2000: After vetoing a trade [...]