The trade deadline is fast approaching and it seems the only move that has been made to have impacted the team was the Francisco Rodriguez trade. We all know that trade needed to be made solely on a financial basis. There are other trades that can help them financially, but they will hurt the team.

Mets GM, Sandy Alderson, has said that he expects the Mets to still go out and compete. Great to hear? Yes. However, if he wants them to compete, he cannot seriously consider trading players like Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes who have clearly been the backbone of this team during this season.

So who can the Mets truly trade that will help make them contenders?

We can start with Mike Pelfrey who just seems to be doing nothing to truly help this season. His erratic behavior even has me frustrated to the point of giving up. One day he is great and then two or three he lacks everything. Yet, who would really take him? Perhaps a pitching coach who likes a challenge. You can make a case for trading R.A. Dickey. Maybe you keep him and hope the offense decides to step it up a notch.

Let’s look at Jason Bay. You can trade him and bring in Lucas Duda to play left field or Fernando Martinez. Unfortunately, nobody will take him because he has gone from being a streaky player to just being a bad player. Angel Pagan lacks value for the same reason as Bay: inconsistency. You can make an argument that he is not an every day player, but rather a bench player. Being able to hit consistently makes you an every day player. You can platoon him with another guy.

Ruben Tejada has the potential to be an every day player if he improves his hitting. Justin Turner may have value as a bench player. However, he still has to prove himself. This goes for all of our young guys.

The bottom line is this: the only value the Mets have are in the minors, Beltran and Reyes. Quite frankly, I’m not willing to part with any of them. With that said, I would be willing to part with Beltran on a financial basis if I am giving up on this season. Everybody knows that trading Beltran will be the final nail in the Mets coffin for yet another season. Maybe cancelling the 2011 season is something Alderson should consider and save every dime he can for re-signing Reyes.

The only other option is praying to the baseball gods that David Wright and Reyes come back and make such a miraculous impact on this team that fans will go to the park, spend money and influx of cash will be there to keep Beltran for this season and re-sign Reyes.

7 comments on “Mets’ more serious problem is lacking trade value

  • clownetto

    Seriously beltran betrayed the mets and now on his last year he is suddenly healthy and playing great ball, reyes would be a waste of money he stays hurt heck he is one hamstring away from permanent injury yet he is having his best year on his walk year coincidence Trade both of these bums they will bring value back and rebuild the right way keeping these two will cost the mets alot of money because they will get hurt again in less than a year and like always the mets would be stuck with a bad contract while they are at it get rid of Bay he was never good to start with even in Pittsburgh if he was he would still be there.

  • rick

    Who in the hell is this Tanya Mercado??? Obviously, a crack smoker!! This is, by far, one of the biggest pieces of crap I’ve ever read about the Mets, and believe me, I’ve read plenty! A mongaloid could make better comments and more sense than you! Are you friggin kidding me?? “Wow! In a perfect world, I’d keep all the Mets and watch them win the world series!” Light up another bowl! Beltran is gone!! He’s NOT going to resign with the Mets!! And if he did stay till the end of the season? The Mets get NOTHING for him!! JERK! All the Mets front office know they’re NOT going to win crap!! but they’re not going to come out and say it…idiot!! Don’t you think, (no you don’t) that its funny how both Beltran and Reyes are in their final contract year and they’re both tearing up the league?? Any lights going off in your head? Reyes may be a fan fav, but mark my words… the moment he gets a huge payday, he’ll be a so-so player again with a revolving visit to the DL list! David Wright should go too! You say no one wants Bay because he’s too irratic?? How about the $60 million contract? You forgot about that. Pelfrey?? Oh yeah…every pitching coach is looking for a “project” to show how stupid a decission it was to get him!
    “Oh, and if all the players come off the bench and turn into superstars and the Mets win every game for the rest of the year” (another crack rock gets lit!) I am a Mets fan but I’m a realist! I hate the dumb moves they’ve made ever since they sent Dykstra and McDowell to the Filthies for Juan Samuel.. They should have been shot. You think the Wilpons care about their fans?? WAKE UP!! How about other brillant moves like Mo Vaughn…(36 mil) Ollie Perez…(36 mil) Moises Alou..(1yr…8.4 mil, and he played?? 20 games??) You fit right in with them! and your ideas. Get rid of 80% of the players…bring in more like Endy Chavez and we’ll have a team with class and pride. Til then??

    • Brian Joura

      I don’t think anyone who starts off by calling someone they don’t know a “crack smoker” has any right to talk about class and pride. Try to learn to disagree without being so disagreeable.

    • Phil

      Jerk? Crack smoker? Really? Dude you have some serious problems with anger. I’d advise you to get some counseling. That said; Tanya was spot on in her analysis of the Mets.

  • Tanya Mercado

    Rick and Clownetto, you both have missed the point of the article. The point was the Mets have nearly no trade value right now. Beltran will not be back at all next year and he should not be. He should be in the AL as a DH. Personally, I do not think the Mets have a chance this year. The whole team is not coming together and with Wright coming back, it might be a little too late to make a run. If that is the case, Beltran should be traded. However, he is the only player the Mets can trade right now and get something in return for and only from a team who is in playoff contention needing some pop. As for money, I was not talking about contracts, only about performance. In addition, Dave Duncan, the Cardinals pitching coach, could probably help Pelfrey the best. Jeff Suppan and Chris Carpenter are clear examples of what Duncan is capable of. The Mets have made ridiculous moves over the years. No denying it! However, I am giving Alderson the benefit of the doubt. I would love players like Chavez because it was players like that who helped bring us a World Series in 2000. Oh and I never said anything about the Wilpons or about how they feel about the fans.

    • Richard

      I agree Tanya. Let’s just hope we DO get something for Beltran. I was a little disappointed in the return for k-Rod. Maybe its just the impression I always get from the phrase “player to be named later”. I too, will give Alderson the benefit of the doubt. What else can I do ?

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