By now you have all heard about the upcoming new looks to the uniforms of the New York Mets. Plenty among the Flushing faithful had nothing but praises for the bright blue jerseys with the orange piping. Were they shocked to see yet another jersey in their locker? Probably not considering the Mets seem to go through endless changes to their uniforms. The blue jerseys will be appearing sparingly in 2012 and permanently in 2013.

Here is the thing. The blue jerseys were great. I am a fan of them. I also like the white pinstripe and, while not a huge fan, I do tolerate the grey road jerseys. Mets fans have repeatedly said they would love to part ways with the black jerseys. Few feel they are classy. Others feel they are boring and tiresome. It is time to let those jerseys die. Then there were the cream jerseys. There are the plain white uniforms. The list goes on.

The bottom line is the Mets have more styles of jerseys than I have shoes. They have always been accused of lacking tradition. I mean, look at all of the Brooklyn Dodgers related things that were at Citi Field. Where were the Mets colors and history? You can also look at how many numbers have been retired: only three. Where are the numbers for Mike Piazza and Keith Hernandez? Banner Day is gone. The only tradition this team keeps is the changing of the garb.

In November, Mets fans can look forward to a new uniform being added to the rotation for the 2012 season. This one is being said to be similar to the 1962 uniforms. I understand the whole 50th anniversary thing, but why not just stick with a patch? Then again, the Mets have not exactly had much luck with patches on jerseys either. Remember the Citi Field debacle?

It is about time the Mets had some stability with their uniforms. I have always been of fan of K.I.S.S. No I am not speaking of the band, but rather the phrase: Keep It Simple Stupid. The blue jerseys were nice, but do we really need the players to wear them? Why not just stick with the pinstripe and/or the plain white at home and the grey road uniforms? Let’s have some sort of a tradition for a change. The team will have been around for 50 years next year and you are still trying to get the right mix of jerseys?

I guess Mets fans can think of it this way. The Wilpons cannot get you to spend money on tickets to come to the ballpark. The only way to get money appears to be to come out with an endless variety of jerseys. So how many of you ordered the blue jerseys already? Mission accomplished.


Editor’s Note – You can see what the Mets uniforms have looked like through the years by going to the Hall of Fame Uniform Database and inputting National League and New York and 1962-2011.

4 comments on “Mets uniforms need stability

  • Mike Koehler

    Why am I always in the minority? I like the black uniforms.

    • Tanya Mercado

      Hahaha I was never a big fan of them. I rather just basic white and grey.

    • Randy

      I also like the black uni’s particularly the hat, but I am in favor of cutting down the combos. Between home and road there should be like no more than 4 combos. Blue hats with anything white or grey and all black hat for anything black. Get rid of that black/blue hat. It doesn’t go with ANYTHING.

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