When you think of the New York Mets these days, two names come to mind: Jose Reyes and David Wright. Now there is a chance that both of them won’t be on the team come 2012. With the Mets pursuit of Reyes looking bleaker and bleaker, the talks of trading Wright will heat up.

If the Mets lose Reyes they can’t control who they get back for him. They would get two early picks, a great thing for this front office of drafting experts. With Wright, they can control it and would probably ask for four things – pitching, pitching, pitching, and pitching.

So if they are going to trade Wright it has to be to a team that has payroll room, players they are willing to give up and will be able to compete next season.

Colorado Rockies – The Rockies make a lot of sense for Wright, but if they’re not willing to part with Dexter Fowler, a deal might be hard to work out. I’m sure Wright would love to play in that ballpark, especially with the line-up that would be around him. Pitching prospects Tyler Matzek (LH), Drew Pomeranz (LH), and Alex White (RH) would also be names talked about in a trade for Wright. If the Rockies offer Fowler and two of these pitchers the Mets would have to think hard about pulling the trigger on that trade.

Los Angeles Angels – With Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo replacing the older faces on the Angels, they might be looking to add a player in the prime of his career to lift this team over the top. They have some money to spend and they want to take their division back from the Rangers, who have won the division two years in a row. Players the Mets would be interested in would be Peter Bourjos (CF), Erick Aybar (SS), Tyler Chatwood (RH), and Jordan Walden (RH).

Arizona Diamondbacks – They’ve already showed interest in Wright this off-season and with him, it would put them over the top in terms of best teams in the West. Josh Collmenter (RH) might be the only major league ready player the Mets would be interested in, so they would have to build a deal around prospects. Jarrod Parker (RH), Tyler Skaggs (LH), Matt Daivdson (3B), and Chris Owings (SS) would be players the Mets would ask for.

Toronto Blue Jays – With the Yankees getting older, and the Red Sox falling apart, the Jays might think it’s their time to raise. Adding Wright would be a big move, showing that they are finally ready to make a playoff run in the toughest division in baseball. The Jays certainly have the farm system to pull off a trade for Wright. Kyle Drabek (RH) would have to be in the deal and his value took a big hit this season after getting rocked in Triple-A (7.44 ERA, 75 IP, 41 BB), so the Mets could ask for him along with other top prospects. Brett Lawrie (3B), Deck McGuire (RH), Carlos Perez (C), Aaron Sanchez (RH), are names the Mets would look at. If the Jays offered Drabek, Lawrie, and McGuire I’d pull the trigger on that deal immediately.

Philadelphia Phillies – First off, it’s never going to happen. I repeat: IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. But, if the Phillies weren’t in the Mets division, and if we didn’t hate them, the Phillies are a perfect team for Wright. The Phillies are looking to win right now, and this juggernaut of a pitching staff is only going to be around for a couple more years. Wright would love to hit in that park with that line-up, who wouldn’t. Plus the Phillies have young players the Mets would want to have. Vance Worley (RH), Domonic Brown (OF), and Antonio Bastardo (LH). If the Phillies offered that it would be tough for the Mets to pass up.

If the Mets bring back Reyes there is no way they would trade Wright. But if they don’t they should think hard about trading him and completely rebuilding. I don’t think they will trade him this off-season because he is under contract for the next two years, but if they right deal comes along the Mets will send him packing.

I’m curious to see how Wright will do with the new dimensions at Citi Field. He might return to his monstrous numbers of old, which would greatly raise his value and they could get even more for him if they decide to trade him next off-season.

3 comments on “Which teams would be right for Wright?

  • Chris Walendin

    Good rundown, Brandon. The only way I move Wright is if I’m totally blown away. Short of that, as you suggest, I’d roll the dice on a 2012 season that (barring injury) will almost certainly make him more appealing next offseason or the following July. And if he flourishes in New Citi Field with a healthy back, and there’s enough development at the ML level and on the farm, who knows, maybe next season we’re looking into an extension rather than discussing potential trade partners.

  • NormE

    Nice job, but I’m wondering if the Mets might not get more for David Wright if they wait until July. Some team in the hunt (the Mets won’t be) might want to fortify themselves down the stretch. Given the restrictions on Wright’s contract (he can opt out after 2012 if traded) I
    think that a team would have to be very motivated to satisfy the Mets demands.

  • Rotoprofessor

    Nice job! Though, I don’t really believe in the Toronto suggestion. They already have an offense that can compete with the Yankees & Red Sox, what they need is pitching. It makes no sense to trade young pitchers or Brett Lawrie, who could over the same type of skills as Wright at a fraction of the cost (and under team control for the next few years) in order to get a player who could walk at year’s end.

    I think the team that makes the most sense is the Angels, with a deal centered around Bourjos.

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