We are in the final days before Spring Training and I’ve asked each of our writers to list some stories that they would recommend to our readers who took the winter off to watch football. If you did that, or just missed these stories the first time around, please take a moment to check out what you missed. You can also check out Best Sports Books. There’s some good stuff here, including 2011 wrap-ups, things to consider for 2012 and history pieces.

Dan Stack
I believe that these five links present my best work since they portray my struggle to be cautiously optimistic while also realizing the deficiencies of the team. I don’t think the 2012 Mets’ squad will be as bad as many people think they’ll be.

I also want to connect with the fanbase while empathizing with their frustrations.

No time to sulk if Reyes leaves Mets

Just what if David Wright and Jason Bay rebound in 2012?

For Mets, winds of change won’t calm the masses

Now or never for Mike Pelfrey

Chris Walendin
I like my Pagan piece, because it was at least somewhat contrarian. Most of the time, when there is a divisive subject, I can see the merits of both sides. However the question of whether to tender Pagan a contract was so overwhelmingly obvious to me, that I felt the need to weigh in on it in no uncertain terms. And I think I asserted myself well.

I like my payroll piece, because it was a creative, outside-the-box take on a topic that was frankly, pretty stale. Plus, I think it got a lot of people thinking, which is always one of my central goals.

Doug Parker
https://mets360.com/?p=8331, because sometimes I’m a right sentimental bastard.

https://mets360.com/?p=8277, because I learned something while writing it, and the parenthetical remark in the middle still makes me laugh…

https://mets360.com/?p=9043, because it includes perhaps the best single sentence I’ve written on 360

Charlie Hangley
https://mets360.com/?p=8112 (1975: One Day With The Mets)

https://mets360.com/?p=8323 (Cards previous title)

https://mets360.com/?p=8712 (May 1962)

https://mets360.com/?p=8777 (Blue Christmas)

https://mets360.com/?p=8967 (Fernando)

https://mets360.com/?p=9254 (Own Worst Enemy)

Brandon Lee

https://mets360.com/?p=8729 – I think this article reflects how a lot of Mets fans feel about the Wilpons and the ownership situation.

https://mets360.com/?p=8993 – I feel like the HOF ballot for the 2013 is such an interesting topic, and we all love Mike.

https://mets360.com/?p=9050 – I feel like the Mets might be the worst team talent-wise in the NL East, but as we’ve learned in the past, talent doesn’t necessarily translate into wins.

https://mets360.com/?p=9193 – Murphy is one of my favorite players on the team now and I feel like a lot of Mets fans will see that Murphy is going to come out as one of the new leader of this club.

Brian Joura
I tried to pick stories that no one else wrote about. Here at 360, we certainly do our best to cover the big stories going on with the team, but we think you get angles covered here that you won’t find at any other site.

Top 10 Things to Watch for in Spring Training

Will Carlos Beltran wear Mets hat when elected to Hall of Fame?

Why the Mets should sign Micah Owings

Will Elvin Ramirez be a factor for the 2012 Mets?

Dave Kingman, 1976 and what might have been

As Mets aim for top farm system, what should we expect?

Are Mets fans better off than three years ago?

Reyes, Pagan and the importance of SB for the Mets

How the 2011 Mets are like the 1971 Reds


Thanks to all of our loyal readers and we are excited here for the start of Grapefruit League play!

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