The curious case of Danny Herrera

Adam Rubin reported yesterday that Daniel Herrera is most likely going to be given a spot in the bullpen for Opening Day. Tim Byrdak is recovering from knee surgery, but he’s expected only to miss  a couple games. To this point in Spring Training, Herrera has thrown 6.1 innings, posting a 1.42 ERA with two [...]

Tim Byrdak is Alderson’s Tripod Ladder System

When you are struggling to make ends meet, you don’t shop at Sky Mall. When you’re worried that they are going to turn off your power, you don’t go out and buy a Tripod Ladder System for $299.00, no matter how cool it seems. Which brings us to the Mets signing Tim Byrdak for 2012. [...]

Mets get interesting arms in Danny Herrera and Adrian Rosario

The Mets completed their deal that sent Francisco Rodriguez to the Brewers for two players to be named later. The new Mets are relievers Danny Herrera and Adrian Rosario. Likely neither player will make a big impact on the major league roster, but in true Sandy Alderson fashion, each of these players offers something that [...]