Michael-ConfortoIn 2014 the Mets had the 10th overall pick and, though they did give away their second round pick.  Let’s take a look at the Mets first 10 picks from the 2014 draft and see where they are now.

  1. Michael Conforto, OF – Conforto has proven to be one of the best draft picks in Met history.  He’s reached the majors without a full season in the minors under his belt and established himself as a competent lefty hitter with surprisingly effective defensive skills.  As has been said in other posts concerning him, Conforto was scouted as being a power bat who might strike out frequently but that hasn’t been the case.  Conforto has looked like far more of an overall hitter in his time with the Mets, both in the minors and the majors.  Pencil him into left field in 2016.
  2. Milton Ramos, SS – Ramos is a solid defensive shortstop whose bat could develop enough to make him a plus hitter for the position.  While Ramos doesn’t have an over-abundance of power or speed he does have a little of both.  His results in 2015 were promising but he’s still a long way from cracking a major league roster.
  3. Eudor Garcia, 3B – Garcia was not thought of highly defensively and there is still a chance that he will not crack the majors as a third baseman.  Garcia’s bat was always his top tool and in 2015 it came alive.  Garcia was an offensive star for Savannah and he has begun to look like a steal from the 4th round of the 2014 draft.
  4. Josh Prevost, RHP – Prevost is a giant righty with a solid 94 MPH fastball and a sinker that could be a plus pitch.  In the minors Prevost’s problem has not been giving up hits, the problem has been that he gives too many free passes.  Still he hasn’t been good enough to warrant ranking on most people’s radars.
  5. Tyler Moore, C – I watched Moore play for Brooklyn and I’ve read the scouting report and the sum conclusion is that he’s nothing more than organizational filler.
  6. Brad Wieck, LHP – Wieck is a powerful lefty who was drafted as a sleeper candidate in the seventh round.  The Mets used him in relief in 2014 and he was impressive, so in 2015 it wasn’t surprising to see him begin the year starting.  Unfortunately he was quickly traded as a PTBNL and is now with the Padre’s organization.  He continues to show a dominating K/9 and while I think his future still ends in relief I think an MLB future awaits him.
  7. Dash Winningham, 1B – Winningham was thought of as a solid power bat with a fixable swing.  His biggest issue was that he’d be defensively limited to first base.  Winningham has shown progress with improving his swing in his first two season in the minors and will likely be heading to Brooklyn in 2016.
  8. Michael Katz, OF – Katz was a hero for the 2014 Brooklyn Cyclones.  He was drafted for his power but didn’t show much of it in his first year.  Katz did hit well for Brooklyn but in 2015 he hit some major bumps in his development.  Katz, who defensively only fits at first base just doesn’t seem like he has a future in the majors.
  9. Kelly Secrest, LHP – Secrest doesn’t appear to be much more than an organizational LOOGY.  He’s not been bad in the minors but there’s not much there.
  10. Connor Buchmann, RHP – Buchmann has not shown anything in the minors that shows he’d be good for anything but batting practice.

Honorable Mentions: David Roseboom, Tyler Badamo, Alex Palsha and Matt Blackham

6 comments on “Mets Minors: Michael Conforto and the 2014 draftees

  • Brian Joura

    I like Ramos and Garcia and I’m not ready to give up on Winningham. Outside of the top 10, I think Gabriel Llanes is the one to watch.

  • Buddy3

    What happened to Alex Durham this season? He was touted as another high ceiling high school pitcher that was signed over slot.

    It seems to me that James Duff and David Roseboom have moved quickly, but I don’t know the peripherals as to whether they are instances of a college player dominating the lower levels or whether there is true upside as a reliever.

    Badamo, Palsha and Blackham have done well for late pick college players (see query above on college players)

    Lastly, I know Luke Bonfield’s family – looks like he should have taken the money in that he was very unimpressive at Arkansas.

  • Chris F

    David, with regards to Eudor Garcia, if he does not stuck defensively at 3B, does he have a fall back position, or is he destined more as trade bait to an AL team as a DH?

  • jb hill

    this article could have been titled ” the mating rituals of the african doodlebird ”, and i still would have clicked on it when i saw groveman in the byline.
    as always, i learn a little bit more about my favorite team when i log onto mets 360.
    great articles, great writers, great site. tho you and joura are tops.

    ps: i didn’t use even one capital letter typing any of this, so the editor owes me a beer……

  • Rob Rogan

    The top of this draft is looking pretty good so far. Garcia was a nice surprise and looking forward to seeing if Ramos’ bat will come around.

    And Dash Winningham has to make it to the show on the strength of his name alone, right?

  • James Preller

    I like the Conforto guy.

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