At the risk of jinxing him, Pete Alonso will be named Rookie of the Year later today. He joins five previous Mets to win the award. They are:

Tom Seaver, 1967
Jon Matlack, 1972
Darryl Strawberry, 1983
Dwight Gooden, 1984
Jacob deGrom, 2014

After going 30 years between award winners Gooden and deGrom, it’s nice to only go five years between deGrom and Alonso. Now may Alonso’s sophomore season go as well as the ones for Gooden and deGrom.

6 comments on “Monday catch-all thread (11/11/19)

  • Mike Walczak

    Here is the cool news. Within three years after a Mets player receiving the Rookie of the Year award, the Mets made it to the World Series.

    • Eraff

      The late 60’s/early 70’s run of Talented Pitchers Featured Koozman and Ryan. Koozman was bested by John Bench in 1968.

      The coincidence of a Concentrated period of young talent and winning is no coincidence.

  • José

    It’s official!

    PA received 29 of 30 1st place votes

  • MattyMets

    random ex-Met update:
    Jon Niese, 33 now and out of the majors since 2016, has not given up on making it back as a reliever. His plan is to showcase himself by pitching for Aguilas in the Dominican Winter League after Thanksgiving.

    • Chris F

      Yikes. Well I guess dreams die slowly even when they are over.

  • Rob

    Slightly off topic but the Mets traded seaver,matlock and koosman and really only player who was contribter was jessie Orasco. Seems they took any offer.

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