Poor start to weak stretch has Mets fans back to sell-now mode

For over a month Mets fans were waiting for this stretch in July where the club would play all of these games against sub-.500 teams. But what looked like a great opportunity to vault the team comfortably above .500 has not worked that way at all. First up was the Astros and the Mets proceeded [...]

After one week, Mets offense is more offensive than the worst in team history

The Mets have played seven games and after scoring three runs in last night’s win, they have scored 16 runs so far this season. That’s an average of 2.29 runs per game. Remarkably, that’s not the worst mark in the majors. The White Sox have only scored 13 runs, for an average of 1.86 runs [...]

The nine Mets players who were also Brooklyn Dodgers

National League baseball deserted New York when the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants departed after the 1957 season. When the Mets started in 1962, they tried to claim the history of both of those teams. But most people felt the team was closer to the old Dodgers than the old Giants. With that thought [...]

A history of the revolving door at third base from Felix Mantilla to Wayne Garrett

Fans who grew up with David Wright holding down third base for a decade had a different experience than Mets fans who came before them. It was a running joke how the Mets simply couldn’t find someone to play third. And it wasn’t for a lack of trying. We wish they didn’t try so hard, [...]

Lack of offense doomed the Mets in the 2015 World Series

The New York Mets reached the World Series in 2015 behind their dominant pitching staff, but ultimately fell short to the Kansas City Royals in five games. While the Mets' pitching was certainly a strength throughout the postseason, their lack of offense was the primary reason they were unable to bring home the championship. During [...]