After storming out of the gate 4-0, the Mets built a lot of goodwill among its fanbase that maybe some good news was in store for the faithful this summer.

However, after two straight losses on top of David Wright suffering from a fractured pinkie, a lot of people are ready to push the panic button. Wright fractured the right pinky finger when he dove back into first base on a pick-off attempt in Monday’s game against the Nationals. A trip to the disabled list almost seems inevitable.

If a trip to the DL is in store for Wright, how will the Mets respond? The Mets have gone into an offensive funk of late and are getting very little out of their big boppers in Ike Davis, Lucas Duda (save for a two HR Day on Saturday) and the continuously frustrating Jason Bay. The Mets showed patience at the plate in their first series with the Braves and used it to their advantage, but lately they have been caught staring at a lot of hittable pitches-something Terry Collins says has to change.

What is so disconcerting was the fact that Wright was carrying the Mets’ offense, and now that he could be out, it could pose problems for a team in search of answers at the plate. Wright was off to a blistering start, notching seven hits in 12 at-bats to go along with one home run and four RBI’s.

The timing (as if there is any good timing) of this injury is awful and while Wright will try to swing through it and play in pain, a DL stint could be in the cards if he is not up to speed by the time the Mets travel to Philadelphia for a series with the Phillies this Friday.

So, if Wright does go on the DL, where do Collins and the Mets look for answers?

The most likely scenario being kicked around is to have the defensively-challenged Daniel Murphy abandon his second base experiment and play third considering that third base is his most natural position on the diamond. If that were to happen, the Mets could go with Ronny Cedeno at second base or perhaps call up the likes of Jordany Valdespin to man second.

The potential audition of Valdespin at second base is intriguing. After impressing the Mets’ brass by hitting .310 in 42 at-bats this spring, Valdespin was given a long look as a possibility to make the team. However, since the Mets signed Cedeno to back up the middle infield spots, Mets’ officials thought Valdespin would be best suited to get at-bats in the minors on an everyday basis. So, since there is a chance for Valdespin to get routine playing time at second if Wright goes on the DL and if Murphy plays third, this might be an ideal time to see what the kid has. We all know Cedeno has his limitations and he is mostly on the squad because of his defense. With the way the Mets have been hitting, it could use the services of Valdespin, who certainly would be an offensive improvement over Cedeno.

Valdespin is currently not tearing it up in Buffalo though.

Through seven games in Buffalo, Valdespin is batting .226 with a .273 OBP. Those are hardly numbers that scream promotion.

First things first though. Let’s all take a collective breath and look at the season in a vacuum. A 4-2 start with great pitching performances from both the staff and the bullpen is more than any of us could have asked for. Let’s not jump off the ledge and make the news of Wright being injured bury our confidence. Besides, Collins hinted that he thinks Wright may be tough enough to battle through this and play on Friday. We’ll see about that, but it’s encouraging to see the skipper have faith in Wright and believe this will not be a major, catastrophic injury. It may ultimately depend on how much pain Wright can tolerate. If anything, it seems like a minimal stint on the DL (if that is the case) could be in store for Wright.

Maybe that’s wishful thinking taking into account the Mets injury history-but Wright’s injury or not-let’s not let this ruin what has been a great start to a season.

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7 comments on “Wright injury could open door for Valdespin

  • Brian Joura

    With tongue planted firmly in cheek, I suggest that David Wright man up and do what Ronnie Lott did.

  • Reese

    It would make more sense to bring up Lutz who is hitting well in AAA and is a 3rd baseman. You can’t keep jerking Murphy around from position to position then lamenting how his defense is hurting the team.

    • Metsense

      Lutz probably needs more seasoning but if you are committing Murphy as your second baseman then he stays there during this transitional season. Otherwise, why are they playing Turner at first when Murphy is the better firstbaseman and Turner maybe the better secondbaseman? If the fans are asked to buy into this, then the Mets must stick to their convictions and keep Murphy at second. Therefore, as Reese rightfully said, Lutz gets a chance (instead of Valdespin) and Murph stays at second.

      • Brian Joura

        Yeah, Collins was adamant in Spring Training that he wasn’t going to jerk Murphy or Duda around and now six games in that goes out the window? That seems like a mistake.

        As for Lutz, he’s 26 years old and has played parts of three seasons at Triple-A (with a .902 OPS although only 299 PA). If he’s not ready for two weeks in the majors now, when will he be?

        • Dan Stack

          Agree wholeheartedly. It would be wise to let Murph stay at second considering he needs all the reps and practice there if this is to work.

  • ronbo

    Wright has an injury and the answer is to move Murphy to 3rd. How are we ever going to know what he as to offer if the mets keep moving him,I say leave him at second and let him play if he can’t field there what makes them think that he will be any better at third.

  • Dan Stack

    Well, so much for that. Great to see Wright not only come bang, but come back with a bang.

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