The Mets selected Matz, a lefty fireballer in the second round of the 2009 draft.  Because of questionable free agent practices, the Mets were without a first round or compensation round pick and Matz was left to be the team’s top pick for the year.  Matz was a risky pick, as people questioned his mechanics and thought he was sure to be an injury risk but the Mets, hoping to catch lighting in a bottle, took the leap and grabbed Steven.

In 2010… to almost nobody’s surprise, Steven Matz required Tommy John surgery.  He was shelved for his first full season without being able to throw a pitch.  This was upsetting, but hardly a crushing blow to his career.  He’d come back in 2011 and the Mets would be able to work with him then.

2011 was, unfortunately another lost year for Matz.  He fell of everyone’s prospect radar because he hadn’t managed to actually pitch in the minors.  Despite having a solid build and being a lefty who could reach 95 MPH, people assumed early that he’d never amount to anything.

2012 came along and it seemed like fate was out to get Steven.  After throwing during Spring Training and experiencing pain he was sent to Dr. Andrews and all feared the worst.  The reality is, that after you have surgery on a joint, it’s very hard to tell that much from an X-Ray.  Instead of shutting Steven down, the Mets and Matz decided to roll the dice.  Finally… Steven Matz has managed to not roll snake eyes.

Matz has started 5 games for Kinsport.  At 21 he’s a touch old for the league but not absurdly so.  The last two outing are the ones to write home about:

July 9th: 6 IP, 1 H, 2 BBs, 6 Ks

July 20th: 6 IP, 2 Hs, 3 BBs, 9 Ks

Matz has managed in 5 starts to re-establish himself as a solid prospect and should land somewhere on most pundits Top 20 Met Prospects after this season.

Around The Minors:

AAA, Buffalo:

Matt Harvey Promoted – It’s fine that Matt was promoted.  I chalk his last start up to jitters.  He’s hearing his name all over the media and that has to be distracting.  I’d anticipate 3-4 rocky starts from Harvey to start his first stint in the majors.

Signs Of Life From Jeurys Familia Familia is finally looking like a #3 prospect.  He’s got three solid outings in a row and if he builds on it, could join Harvey in Flushing before long.

AA, Binghamton:

Allan Dykstra On A Roll – He’s healthy and playing first base for Binghamton.  He’s also getting far above his career numbers for contact.  When his power returns it could be a breakout month.

A+, Port St. Lucie:

Adam Kolarek Ready For AA – He could hit AA like a brick wall but the lefty has nothing to prove in advanced A.

A, Savannah:

Single A Pitching Deceptively Good – Are Michael Fulmer, Domingo Tapia and Jacob deGrom all this good?  NO!  Minor league pitchers almost always do well in Savannah.  What is impressive is that all of them have peripherals that indicate that they are ready for Port St. Lucie.

R, Brooklyn:

Rainy Lara Will NOT Walk You – 4 Walks and 38 Strike Outs in 26.2 innings… NICE!


Vicente Lupo Tipping The Hype Detector – He’s got a 1.141 OPS… ON THE YEAR!  He’s got 3 HRs… IN THE LAST WEEK! He’s got only 20 Ks… AND 20 BBs!  Is it time to buy a Lupo jersey?

One comment on “Mets Minors: Perhaps Steven Matz is still a top prospect

  • Stephen Basile

    I’d like to see Matz cut down on those walks, especially in rookie ball. However considering I’ve never had tommy john surgery and then had to go out there and recover from it and pitch I won’t throw too much criticism his way.

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