I reached out to friends in the Mets blogosphere recently to ask the following question:

How should the Mets handle Jordany Valdespin for the remainder of 2012 and what is his role for the 2013 team?

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Taryn Cooper – Turned down Expendables II because she thinks Chuck Norris is a phony
I think the Mets should ride JV out for the rest of the season. Then trade him while his value is still high in the offseason. He’s proved to be a good pop off the bench when he’s been needed. Otherwise, I believe that looks are what they call ‘deceiving’ with JV1…and that keeping him around for 2013 would be akin to shooting themselves in the foot.

John Coppinger – The Hulk took one look at him and said, “Nice Guns”
JV1 certainly should play as much as possible, certainly against any and all RHP. It’s tricky to find the line between giving him a shot to play and exposing his weaknesses. But at this point whatever his weaknesses at the plate, they’re known anyway. I’d like to see him play more just to get him used to the outfield more than anything. There’s nothing the Mets can gain by sticking Bay or Hairston in the starting lineup.

For 2013, it really all depends on what they do free agency wise … which I don’t think will be much, or trade-wise. Bay will probably be gone so left field will open up for him. Torres or Nieuwenhuis will be in center, and Duda will most likely get another shot in right field (though it wouldn’t break my heart to see JV1 in LF, Torres in CF, and Kirk in RF). The only way I think JV1 plays second is if the Sandy can flip Murphy into a legitimate power threat in the outfield to protect David Wright, but that’s easier said than done.

Mack Ade – Can beat up Bain with one hand tied behind his back
Let’s put aside Jordany the man and concentrate on Jordany the ballplayer. IMO, he will never have the plate patience to become even a .275 hitter in either league. I would market him quickly while his jewelry is still shiny.

Howard Megdal – Gives The Flash a 20-meter head start and beats him in the 100-meter dash
He has eight home runs, and four walks. So I’m not bullish on Jordany Valdespin. However, who else are they going to play in the outfield? Get him at-bats there, and hope he shows enough that at the very least, he can be part of a platoon. Where they’ll get the righty to go with him remains to be seen.

Jon Springer – Makes Captain America look like a communist
At worst Valdespin looks like a versatile sub with a dangerous bat, at best a kind of poor-man’s Alfonso Soriano. Those aren’t the worst things to have on a team, and for what he’ll be making in 2013, it seems like the Mets could use him. That said, if his skills happen to intrigue another organization more then us, we ought to find them, then hope we can pry a catcher, or maybe an outfielder who’d be a little bit of a surer thing, in exchange. In the meantime I’d play him as often and in as many places as we can bear to watch.

Greg Prince – When he showed up Aquaman lost all of his sea creature friends
Pick a position and let Jordany play it just about every day for a couple of weeks — against righties, against all but the most Carlton-like lefties. Make him THE left fielder; or right fielder; or center fielder (probably not second base, given Murphy’s earned incumbency for the duration of 2012). Work with him on defense and pitch selection and look for incremental improvement. Sit him down and explain demeanor. But mostly let Jordany play. Before determining what his 2013 might be, see what he can do unimpeded in 2012.


There’s not a lot of variety in what the panel hopes for from Valdespin. The only thing I’d like to add is that it would be great if he developed his bunting skills. Back in the day, Frank Taveras was dangerous with his push bunt past the pitcher. I could see Valdespin doing the same thing with his drag bunting.


Thanks to Taryn, John, Mack, Howard, John and Greg for contributing today. Make sure you visit their sites and check out their stuff.

5 comments on “Roundtable: How should the Mets deploy Jordany Valdespin?

  • Mike Koehler

    It’s amazing how JV1 had such promise in the minors, despite the ongoing strikeout problem. If the Mets staff truly feels he can ever cut the Ks and raise his OBP, then they should hold onto him. If that’s unlikely to change, they should definitely trade him while his value is high.

  • Name

    Unless some other team wants to overvalue him in a trade, I’d probably keep him around to be a UTIL guy and pinch hitter. He’s cheap and has options remaining.

  • steevy

    OT I guess Melky was unlucky he couldn’t get off on a technicality like Ryan Braun.

  • Metsense

    JV and Kirk should go to camp fighting for the CF starting job and MDD stay put at AAA until he starts putting up the numbers he did at AA. JV,if he won the job, would just be a placeholder til then. JV’s minor numbers reproduced at major league level would make him an average CF. MDD is the future in CF because of his glove and moderate power. The Mets have some gaping holes at the corner outfield positions and need better outfielders then JV or Kirk there. Both just project as 4th outfielders and either should be available to trade. JV would be nice to hold onto as a utility man because of his versatility but it should not be enough to preclude him from a trade.

    • Dan Stack

      I like your plan Metsense. Give JV his shot and roll the dice.

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