“I threw a lot of strikes,” Plawecki said. “I was happy about that. I used the whole ballpark in the first inning and got out of it, and then in the second inning, I left a couple up.”

Source: Eric Chesterton, MLB.com

The story also indicated this was the first time Plawecki pitched since he was 14. Let’s just say it’s unlikely that Plawecki becomes the next successful catcher to pitcher transformation.

8 comments on “On Kevin Plawecki’s pitching performance

  • Chris F

    Loved his clean inning. Well done KP!!! It was the only bright spot in a complete Metsian abomination. Only the Mets could win a series and come out the loser.

    • NormE

      Chris, I love your last sentence.

  • Metsense

    Plawecki pitched a clean 7th but stumbled in his second inning. TC responded “That is why I keep changing relief pitchers, they are not built to go full innings let alone multiple innings. Besides, Rene doesn’t throw left handed so I couldn’t play the match ups”.

    • TexasGusCC

      I know Collins was quipping, but even as a joke his usage patterns are not funny

  • Mike Koehler

    Watching position players pitch is usually entertaining, but giving up 25 runs is nauseating.

    • Chris F

      23 Mike, lets make it any worse…although after about 15, i get it basically no longer matters!

  • Steve S.

    All fastballs, mainly in the seventies, with the eventual expected results…..

  • MattyMets

    I was wondering who our emergency pitcher was. Who’s next in line if Plawecki is back in Vegas? Sad thing is he’s not much worse than Gilmartin. Though Gilmartin just proved he might be a better hitter than KP.

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