Back in the day, it was hard to get mainstream reporters to say anything remotely bad about the owners. Mike Vaccaro doesn’t let the players off but it’s clear who he’s giving the largest share of the blame.

Of course, no one bears a greater burden of the shame than Rob Manfred, baseball’s loudest carnival barker, who speaks now with a tongue so forked it is all but impossible to keep track of his spinning and his shucking and his utter contempt for the people — you, me, us — for whom he would tell you he is a safeguard. Nonsense. He does the bidding for the owners, for the 30-man cabal of billionaires who cry poverty even as television networks line up to refortify their coffers with still more billions. That’s fine; technically he is their servant and they are his collective master. So enough with the notion that he shepherds the game. Enough with the hoary old chestnut that a commissioner exists to protect “the good of the game.” Not this commissioner. Manfred has proven time and again that he views the sport with all the reverence of a highway pit stop, and the fans with all the respect due a litter box. That’s who he is. That’s what the job is to him. From here on, never forget that.

Source: Vaccaro, New York Post

3 comments on “Mike Vaccaro on Rob Manfred and the use of a litter box

  • Name

    It sucks that 30 people/entities can essentially deny a “public service” to millions of people. And because they are a monopoly and privatized, there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

    Not sure if anyone has thought of any other ideas, but gov regulation for monopolized team sports, which is not ideal and i don’t know how it should look, seems to be the path forwards that we should consider.

    • Mike W

      They are shooting themselves in the foot. A lot of fans, including me are just saying, the heck with it, don’t play. I’ll find something else to follow.

      I wish that the KBO games were televised in the evening. Not too keen on watching the games at 3 or 5 am.

  • Tony I

    Great article Manfred has always been a liar dating back to when he worked for Selig.He and and Selig where the only two who didn’t know about the use of steroids .There record back then speaks for itself no World Series , All-Star game runs out of players , lying before congress and home field for the World Series decided by the meaningless all star game.Now he’s done away with minor league teams ,showed no guts in dealing with Astros cheating . He’s been horrible during this latest crisis trying to implement stupid rules for the short season whenever it starts . Keep up the good work Mike

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