7 comments on “Marcus Stroman opts out of 2020 season

  • Steve S.

    Kilome, then Lugo.

  • TJ

    No way can we hold BVW responsible for players opting out, but his 2019 trade deadline decision to keep Wheeler and spend two prospect to acquire Stroman has completely blown up. It’s hard to think a deal/non-deal could be worse than the Cano move, but this now will be right up there. Combine that with the Beltran debacle and it is near impossible to see any new ownership retaining him. At this point, my hope is that they have ownership and management in place prior to whatever upcoming offseason there will be. In a tough division, they still have the makings of a pretty good team, but man do they need someone to deliver some winning moves before opening day 2021.

    • Rob Rogan

      I’d be surprised if BVW is there for the first year of new ownership. I’d be shocked if he makes it any further than that. BVW and Jeff. Oof.

  • TexasGusCC

    Stroman has overrated himself. He had few suitors last year at the trade deadline and he will have fewer next winter. No one is going to make the mistake the Mets made with Betances.

  • Mike W

    Here is my question. If it works like the NFL, maybe his contract moves forward for a year. So, he would still be under his 2020 contract in 2021. This is what happened with CJ Mosely on the Jets.

    Does anyone know the answer to this?

    • Brian Joura

      It does not.

      • Mike W

        Thanks for the answer Brian. Last year, they could have traded Wheeler and Syndergaard at the deadline and kept their prospects. They would have had a nice base of prospects to move forward with.

        I read Stromans reasons to opt out. Let’s be real. I’ll get more money if I opt out now.

        Good riddance.

        I wish Van Wagenen would opt out.

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