For the past seven weeks, we’ve been involved with a syndication of sorts with Mack’s Mets, where they link to our articles. This was the brainchild of John from Albany. Starting today, we’re going to dip our toes in the water and reciprocate a little. John writes a daily links column, which sounds easy until you’re the one who has to do it. Then you find out how much work is involved. He goes through a ton of different sources each day, to bring the readers over at Mack’s site a nicely condensed view on what’s happening in Metsland. Here’s some of the highlights from today’s article:

by John from Albany

Ken Davidoff NY Post: We’ve never seen anything like Sandy Alderson’s Mets return. “It’s unlike anything we’ve seen in recent baseball times: A front-office boss leaving his team, going to work elsewhere…and coming back quickly enough that not a great deal has changed. ‘I actually think it’s a huge competitive advantage for the Mets and for Sandy, too,’ MLB Network analyst Dan O’Dowd, the former GM of the Rockies, said Wednesday ‘Sandy knows information flow, fan base, media, the spring-training facilities’”

SNY.TV: Indians intend to trade potential Mets target Francisco Lindor before Opening Day.

MLB Trade Rumors: Latest On The Universal DH. “’s Jeff Passan writes, with Major League Baseball offering the players implementation of the DH in both the National and American Leagues in exchange for the MLBPA signing off on an expanded playoff structure in 2021.”

To see tons more – click here for John’s entire column.

4 comments on “Mets news and links 11/6/2020

  • Mike W

    Cohen strikes fast. Day one of ownership and he got rid of Van Wagenen, Minaya and a host of others.

  • Chris F

    See ya BVW, Omar, and others…

    Not gonna be missed.

    • Name

      And now we can officially inaugurate him as a unanimous selection to the Hall of Shame.

  • TJ

    Time to play ball! In November!

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