“DeGrom’s got the best mechanics, I tell anybody, and a lot of it’s his body, how much of an athlete he is. A lot of it is also physical and what he was born with,” Stroman said. “I think deGrom has the best hip disassociation out of any pitcher or anybody in the league, and you can’t replicate. This is why you can’t say ‘Oh, go have deGrom’s mechanics.’ Nobody can have that. His hip disassociation, his ability to open up his hips on his stride length and keep his top half still loaded back is f—ing incredible. You can’t teach that.”

Source: Alex Smith, SNY

2 comments on “Marcus Stroman on Jacob deGrom

  • TexasGusCC

    A bit over my head technically, but it sound nice.

  • Remember1969

    The same technical concepts as the pro golfers hitting 350 yard drives.

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