Pete Alonso got off to a slow start in 2020 but by the end of the year was once again a very productive player. In his last 91 PA, Alonso had a .992 OPS despite a .231 BABIP, with 13 XBH, including 10 HR. Still, there were people out there who wanted to trade Alonso for pennies on the dollar to open up 1B for Dominic Smith.

My guess is that by the end of the 2021 season, no one will own that they wanted to trade Alonso.

If Spring Training is any guide, Alonso is picking up right where he left off last September. He leads the Mets with a .417/.533/.958 triple slash line, with seven of his 10 hits going for extra bases, including 3 HR. It’s only 30 PA but it’s a marked improvement over what he did last year in Grapefruit League play, when he slashed .244/.244/.289 with 3 GDPs in 45 PA.

My opinion is that Alonso will once again be a 4-Win player, a great thing to have from anyone and all the much better to have from a pre-arb player.

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  • Woodrow

    Familia and Betances, what do you think? Will one of them be a legit pitcher? Both? Over/Under June 15 one of them will DLed, released…

    • Brian Joura

      When we did our “offseason in a day” articles at the conclusion of the 2020 season, I had the Mets releasing Familia so that Rojas wouldn’t be tempted to use him in a high-leverage situation.

      My opinion is that neither deserves to be on the Opening Day roster but I’d take the over for your June 15 release day. An IL stint for at least one of them almost seems a given to save face…

    • Footballhead

      Unfortunately, money talks. I will be convinced that the new Met ownership will really make a difference when both of them are released. Seems like the other potential relievers in camp have done way more to be on the opening day roster.

      Given a choice, I believe Betances will not be on the opening day roster. Familia will be kept around to fill in innings in blow outs & will fail even at that.

      Editor’s Note – Don’t capitalize words in your post

  • Wobbit

    Familia is a lost cause. I want to root for Betances, but he tries the patience. The bottom line is zeroes on the scoreboard. Neither one is likely to provide those consistently.

    Alonso is a generational talent. Given 162 last season, he would have come a log way back up. But this year he looks very focused. He hits 40 HRs in his sleep.

    In the past I have been unconvinced on Dom. Though I like him much more now, he still does not have an entire season of work to show. I think his bat is worth the defensive discomforts until we know what he can reliably provide.

    Few teams are entirely put together. Every team has holes, and the better teams fill them at a higher level. If the Mets manage to miss the payoffs this season, they will have to make major changes… 3B, LF, CF, maybe even RF, perhaps manager.

  • Metsense

    Alonso and Smith are free agents until 2025 with four more years of control and the DH is on the horizon with the new CBA next year. Alsono is more established than Smith but both have a bright future. I’m not advocating trading either one of them but wouldn’t term them untouchable either. If Oakland would offer Chapman for Alsono I would do it, not a trade for pennies on the dollar trade. That is the type of trade I would do and there are in few trade would fit mold, a controllable star for a controllable star that meets the needs of the Mets.

    Famila is containing his self initiated damages, for now. He is a second tier reliever and should used in low leverage situations to eat innings. Betances should stay in Florida to work things out but he is a candidate to be released.

    • TexasGusCC

      Chapman is a free agent after this year. One of their young center fielders however, I’d do it

      • Metsense

        Chapman is controlled for three years and is free agent in 2024.
        Laureano is not equal to Alonso. Smith maybe but Smith is trending upward while Laureano had a bad year. I’d passed.

        • TexasGusCC

          You’re right on Chapman. Can’t tell who I had him confused with. Laureano is pretty good, personally, I’d do it.

    • TJ

      Betances has a track record with the Yankees of not finding his velocity until late spring training/early regular season. Should not find a few ticks over the next two weeks, he is clearly a candidate for extended spring training. If he balks at that, with low velocity, they should go with the top pen arms and part ways with him if necessary.

      Once upon a time Familia was a dominant closer. Velocity-wise, he seems close to his prime days. There are other metrics to consider, but assuming those are at or close to his prime seasons, I’d keep him and use him exclusively in low leverage spots to allow him time to get the splitter and sinker under control. Should that not occur by mid-May, I would not allow him to block a more effective alternative from the MLB roster.

  • TexasGusCC

    As someone who wanted to trade both Smith and Alonso to maximize the return and looked at first base as the easiest position to fill, I haven’t moved from that. If the return is sufficient, I’d move either or both, as both are in partially one sided players and their offense would have to be much better than the average hitter at their respective position to offset that. Want to say that trading Alonso moves Smith to first base and solves the problem? I’d agree. But for either one, I would want young controllable players: i.e. Lauriano from Oakland, Plesac from Cleveland; players like that. I don’t want a package of their scraps.

  • Mike W

    Thank goodness we got pitching depth. Carrasco tore his hamstring.

  • Mike W

    Thank goodness we got pitching depth. Carrasco tore his hamstring.

    • Mr_Math

      what’s the prognosis on cookie?

  • Mr_Math

    greatest AB in NYM history:
    Mookie Wilson
    Game 6 WS Shea Stadium
    3 balls (including 1 WP/PB)
    5 fouls
    1 weak grounder towards 1B

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