A lot of people thought that the Mets should make a decision on keeping Robinson Cano based on how he looked in Spring Training. Cano got off to a poor start, managing just one hit in his first 10 PA. Since then, he’s hit in three straight games, including a double on Thursday. He’s now 4-18 and is slashing .222/300/.278 in Grapefruit League play.

My opinion is it’s always been ridiculous to make a decision on Cano based on how he looked in Spring Training. He looked great in Spring Training in 2019 and then was below-average during the year. But today is not about my opinion. What do you think about how Cano has performed so far? Is he doing what you’d hope he do to justify a roster spot?

Has Cano done enough this Spring to justify a roster spot?

  • Yes (64%, 7 Votes)
  • No (36%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 11

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6 comments on “Poll: Robinson Cano’s Spring Training performance

  • Metsense

    Yes, and I can’t believe that I voted for that.
    I don’t think anyone else that was cut had an outstanding spring training. I don’t think Cano should be a DH either. That job was earned by Smith and Davis. Guillorme should be the sub for McNeil. I guess it comes down to $20M and maybe his experience. That shouldn’t be a valid reason so by Memorial Day I think he will be an ex Met. Yes, I am kicking the can.

  • Wobbit

    I voted Yes, but real answer is that it doesn’t matter how he did in ST.
    The range of possibilities for Cano is fairly narrow and not a mystery. Either he will hit .250 with a little power, or he will hit .275 with more power. The former means he will play less, the latter means he will play more often. My main concern is that management gives him too wide a berth, out of respect for his career, and it winds up hurting the team.
    Too much respect looks like batting him 5th when it is not warranted, playing him in the field more than Guillorme, and giving more overall ABs than he deserves.

  • Name

    We all know he’s still juicing right now. Can only pray that the system is effective enough to catch him within the next 6 days.

    • Name

      3 suspensions today and no Cano yet… however they were all FAs so maybe the guys who tested positive that have a mlb contract are currently in the initial appeal process and will be announced a little bit later?

  • Footballhead

    I voted no. We have an owner with $$$, and so I really don’t think his salary will be the issue. Of more importance is team chemistry, needs, and letting the players & fans know what won’t be tolerated. A trip to the playoffs will make this a decision of no regrets.

  • TexasGusCC

    Yes, so we have someone to kick around all year.

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