Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a heartless bastard.

The memory of me fighting an uphill battle to keep the site from being nothing but a cesspool of complaining – one that was lost and caused me to temporarily suspend the site – lives on. There are Robinson Cano supporters out there and I can’t imagine this has been easy on them. The non-stop rooting for him to be released before Spring Training and the regular season by me and the open rooting for him to fail by others.

So, this thread is dedicated to the guy who played at a near-HOF level for nearly two decades. If you want to bash Cano – go to the other thread posted earlier this morning. Leave this one clean of negativity and let the Cano supporters have a place to share their support and appreciation of a guy who tried to do his best.

Thank you.

5 comments on “A place to show support for Robinson Cano

  • NYM6986

    Well said Brian. He was just another player we got too late in the game to make a difference for us. Wish him luck.

  • CharlieHangley

    I don’t want to say anything, but our readership doesn’t appear to be knocking the door down, here…

  • Mike W

    Cano was a solid second baseman for many years with the Yankees. Back then I thought he was a surefire hall of famer.

  • T.J.

    Clean or not, through his Yankee career, Cano was stellar and a likely HOFer. While there is obviously no going back, I wonder if Cano regrets declining the Yankees’ offer and taking the Mariner offer. I’m not sure how much difference making $240 million over 10 years vs $175 million over 7 years. Would hitting in a deeper line up and friendlier ballpark have resulted in a different outcome? Mets history certainly would have been quite different.

  • TexasGusCC

    Cano became a Met in 2019, that’s what our focus is about. Cano was given preferential treatment to find himself and other than his juiced season, he sucked. Good guy? Sure. Leader in the DR and looked up to? Sure.

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