Last year the Mets made major free agent signings with Mark Canha, Eduardo Escobar, Starling Marte and Max Scherzer. They made other signings – most notably Adam Ottavino – but let’s focus on the high-dollar additions. This year, the Mets are going to have to spend even more on their big-ticket free agents. But that’s okay, our guy can afford it.

So, Steve Cohen gives you the keys and says you can sign any four free agents you wish. Furthermore, he doesn’t care how much money they cost, it’s just that they have to provide the value that their contract demands. You can’t sign Aaron Judge to a 10/$400 million deal if you think he’s only going to provide $300 million of value. And you have to have a reasonable signing cost. No inking Carlos Correa to a 5/$125 deal.

Use this piece for your signing costs. If your guy’s not listed here, just be reasonable with the contract. Remember, money’s no issue.

Here’s mine:

Jacob deGrom – 3/$141
Justin Verlander – 2/$80
Carlos Rodon – 5/$120
Brandon Nimmo – 5/$110 – yeah, that’s probably not going to get it done. But that was the prediction back on 11/7/22.

7 comments on “Wednesday catch-all thread (11/23/22)

  • Steve_S.

    Jacob deGrom – 3/$141
    Kodai Senga – 4/$56
    Aaron Judge – 9/$315
    Brandon Nimmo – 5/$110

    Judge will go for “a bit” more – maybe 9/$342
    So will Nimmo – maybe 6/$140

  • Name

    Yay! Red Sox signed Joely so he’s gone ! Only came about 6 months too late. Now we have to hope that Eppler doesn’t pick up another crappy lefty.

  • Mike W

    deGrom. 4/160
    Rodon. 5/150
    Senga. 4/68
    Trea Turner. 6/180

  • Metsense

    #2SP (1) deGrom 3/141 (2) Rodon 5/150 (3) Verlander 2/80
    #3SP (1) Rodon 5/140(,the lower price reflects that deGrom is signed)(2) Taillon 3/45 (3) Walker 3/42 (4) Bassitt 2/40
    LHP setup(1) Chafin 2/20
    RHP setup (1) Fulmer 2/12
    CF (1) Nimmo 5/120 (2) Bellinger 1/18
    RHB DH Alvarez
    #5SP Peterson
    Long R Megill

  • TexasGusCC

    Judge 8/300
    DeGrom 4/172
    Verlander 2/80
    Rodon 5/150

    Come get us!

  • Boomboom

    Jacob deGrom – 5/$220
    Brandon Nimmo – 7/$150
    Senga – 4/65
    Rodon – 5/140

  • T.J.

    Jake has been a great Met, I am a huge fan, but a big money commitment to him scares me. I’d also prefer a Nimmo return but not at Springer numbers

    Rodon – market price; 5/$140 ish
    Eovaldi – market price 3/$65 ish
    Bellinger – 1 year top bidder
    a top notch 8th inning guy
    additional pen depth

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