The Mets issued a two-sentence press release, which said the following:

“Minor League RHP Matt Allan underwent UCL revision surgery in January. Dr. Keith Meister performed the procedure in Arlington, TX.”

If you hope this is a minor cleanup, think again. Here’s a snippet from an article on – note the name of the surgeon:

Josh Rogers underwent UCL revision surgery on Wednesday in Arlington, Texas, a day after receiving a second opinion. Dr. Keith Meister performed the operation — essentially a second Tommy John surgery. It typically requires a 12- to 18-month recovery.”

Some guys are just unlucky in the injury department and it seems like Allan is one of those. It’s such a shame.

Thanks to John from Albany for the tip.

3 comments on “Another surgery for Matt Allan

  • Mike W

    What a disaster. We had so much hope for him.

  • BoomBoom

    Feel for the guy for sure.

  • Steve_S.

    Terrible, terrible news!

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