David Peterson started off strong but the wheels came off in the fifth inning, as the Braves scored four runs and ended up winning a rain-shortened game, 4-0, Friday night at Citi Field.

Peterson came out of the shoot aggressive and he notched five strikeouts in his first four innings. But the Braves got to him in the fifth, perhaps as a result of the bad field conditions. It looked like Peterson had a way out of the jam, as the Mets got the second out of the inning at home plate. But Ronald Acuna Jr. delivered a two-out single for the first run and Matt Olson followed with a three-run homer.

The offense was stymied by Braves’ ace Max Fried, who fanned seven. He allowed three hits, including one each to Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez. Tommy Pham went hitless in two plate appearances and now leads Alvarez in batting by just two points.

2 comments on “Gut Reaction: Braves 4, Mets 0 (5 INN) 4/28/23

  • Metsense

    Gut Reaction: it was a stormy night. David Peterson was pitching in a Do or Die situation for his rotation spot . He was the proverbial Dead Man Walking. For 4.2 innings he had a chance for a reprieve. But then he felt a jolt. …. it was a stormy night.

  • JimO

    Today looks stormy too.

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