This is the second time asking this question. The first time came prior to the 2015 season and we came up with 25 that had posted in the previous few months. The rule this time is that the site has had to have published since October 15th.

Furthermore, let’s not include online versions of print products, like Sports Illustrated or newspapers. Additionally, let’s limit these to blogs and not You Tube productions. Finally, we’ll look to avoid major sites like ESPN and Yahoo. Let’s check the 25 that we had last time and then add in a few that have jumped into my consciousness since the original article was published. Here’s what that brings:

213 Miles From Shea
Amazin’ Avenue
Bleacher Report
Blogging Mets
Centerfield Maz
Elite Sports New York
Empire Sports Media
Faith and Fear in Flushing
Just Mets
Mack’s Mets
Mets Daddy
Metsdradamus/Sports Daily
Mets Insider Blog
Metsmerized Online
Mets Minors
Mets News & Links
Mike’s Mets
Rising Apple
The Cold Wire
The Mets Police

That’s 23 sites. There’s little doubt that there are active sites not on this list. If you know of them, please leave a link in the comments section. Do you believe this is an appropriate level of blogs that focus on content? If you think any are particularly good (or bad) let me know.

5 comments on “Checking in on the health of the Mets’ blogosphere

  • ChrisF

    Wow, thats a lot for one team. I never heard of more than half of those.

    I confess I only regularly look at two daily.
    1. Metsmerized because they post breaking news immediately. The content is generally pretty soft and a look through the comments there is like doom scrolling twitter.

    2. Mets360. Come for the content, stay because its an oasis.

  • Dan Capwell

    I love Centerfield Maz! He does a great job of casting the spotlight on some obscure and mostly forgotten Mets of the past. I get an “oh, yeah, I remember that” feeling from his posts. The typos and run on sentences just make it seem really homey.

    Mack’s Mets has grown on me, as the crew there seem like genuine fans. Their perspectives are not of the rah-rah fanboys however, and they do make some interesting points.

    Faith and Fear in Flushing used to be better. Reading his stuff is somewhat laborious now.

    On the other hand, Rising Apple is a pile of crap, I think they are following some kind of template as I have seen posts of the “Three Trades That (insert team name here) Must Avoid This Offseason” on other team’s sites. That makes it worse, actually.

    SNY Mets has that state-controlled vibe to it.

    I used to be a regular poster for NYFS, which disappeared suddenly near the end of the 22 season.

    This site is by far the best of those still standing.

    • Brian Joura

      Thanks for your thoughts on the various sites and your kind words about us at the end.

      I agree with a lot of what you say. The only one I would push back on some is about SNY. I have several criticisms about that site but most pieces seem free from the vibe you cite, at least to me.

    • Paulc

      MLB Trade Rumors/Mets is the only other baseball blog that I read regularly besides Mets360 and it’s not on the list. Not sure if that counts as a “blog,” but it’s similar to in content and has the most up-to-date trades and signings news.

  • NYM6986

    I check in on a few for content and do enjoy the commentaries on some social media posts. But as far as the Mets are concerned, I like this site for the happy/not happy recap after each game and what follows with all the banter. Then we contribute to the content with articles that don’t simply give us the last game’s box score.

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