The suspense ended quickly for the Mets in the draft lottery Tuesday evening. There were three teams that exceeded the second luxury tax threshold and would drop 10 spots in the draft if they didn’t finish in the top six. Along with the Mets, the Padres and the Yankees needed the ping pong balls to fall their way.

But the first three teams that had their numbers selected were playoff teams in 2023, meaning that none of the three luxury tax clubs made the top six. The Mets ended up with the 19th pick after their 10-slot penalty.

The big winners in the lottery were the Indians and the Reds. Those teams had worse odds than the Mets to win the overall top pick. The Guardians grabbed the top pick, despite having just a 2% chance of doing so. The Reds had a 0.9% chance and while they didn’t grab the first pick, they’re not complaining about picking second.

All of the non-playoff teams were represented on the stage, with a collection of front office executives, managers and previous players. Howard Johnson represented the Mets. With their failure to move up, Johnson – and the Mets – need a new good-luck charm.

4 comments on “Mets roll snake eyes and fail to land a top-six pick

  • T.J.

    Mets on fire so far this hot stove.

  • Mike W

    I have to stop obsessing about the winter meetings. My Jets are a S show. So, I am checking every ten minutes and crickets chirping. I said the Mets are signing a bunch of scrubs, then I see they signed a guy named Scrubb.

    All I can say is thank you for continuing to publish fantastic articles. It is always a refreshing pleasure to read them.

    • Brian Joura

      My suggestion is to do 20 minutes rather than 10 and I’d go to over for updates.

  • David Hong

    It’s alright. We’ve see even lower picks turn into fruition.

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