The Mets have agreed to deals with Jake Diekman and Shintaro Fujinami but the deals are not official. Currently, the 40-man roster is full, meaning they’ll have to cut or trade two players to make room for the new relievers. We’ve seen that David Stearns is willing to cut guys that he signed, so that doesn’t make projecting who’ll get the ax any easier. But the 40-man currently has 23 pitchers, so it’s likely a decent bet that two pitchers will be removed from the roster.

It still makes sense to me that holdovers like Reed Garrett, Sean Reid-Foley and Josh Walker are the ones in most jeopardy of losing their spots. Let’s put the odds like so:

3:2 – Walker
2:1 – Reid-Foley
3:1 – Garrett
4:2 – The Field

Who you got?

15 comments on “Place your imaginary wager on who gets cut to make room for Diekman and Fujinami

  • Edwin e Pena

    All of them stinkarooo. Stearns has not improved this team. Where o where is our DH ? Maybe at this point he calls back Vogelsnacks ? Awful off season. Totally “off”.

  • TexasGusCC

    Austin Adam’s and Reed Garrett
    I’ll put down a shiny quarter

    • Brian Joura

      Now that Ottavino doesn’t throw his slider as much in the past, I wonder if the front office views Adams and his 90% slider usage as a different look, which allegedly is important to them. The other thing that jumps out at me with Adams is that in 2021, he hit 24 batters in 54.2 IP. Yet somehow he had just a 1.196 WHIP that season. Go figure

    • Brian Joura

      You nailed it, Gus – just saw on MLBTR that they cut Adams when they officially signed Diekman.

      • TexasGusCC

        One down, one to go

      • TexasGusCC

        David and I spoke about the various options…

  • Woodrow

    So much talent! A good problem to have.

  • Hector RiveraArroyo

    Reed-foley out Garrett out and the third Guy

  • Dan Capwell

    Keep the lefty. Buh-bye SR-F and Garrett.

  • Metsense

    Garrett and Walker because they’re older than SRF and didn’t do any thing last year.

    • Metsense

      I didn’t realize that SRF has no options. I don’t think he will make the team so they might as well cut him loose now instead of later. Walker has two options and he is a lefty. Garrett is 31 years old with one option.
      SRF and Garrett will get cut.

  • Mike W

    Sid Finch

  • Steve_S.

    Garrett for sure; maybe Reid-Foley.

  • Metstabolism

    we now know that Adams gets cut to make room for Diekman. The 60-day IL opens up in just six days. With Peterson and Mauricio heading straight there, they may not need to cut anyone else if they do not want to.

    • Brian Joura

      That’s an option but it’s rarely done. And it would be one thing if it was to keep a legitimate prospect. But there are at least half a dozen guys you could cut from the 40-man without any trouble. It’s one thing if to make a move now you had to cut Luisangel Acuna. It’s another thing to cut Josh Walker.

      Where would you put the odds of moving someone to the 60-day IL when first eligible? For me, it would be < 5%

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