I check SNY every day, sometimes more than once. And when you’re a frequent visitor to a site, it’s hard not to notice certain things. With newspapers, it’s common for people on the copy desk to write headlines. My guess is that it works the same way at SNY, at least with their “insiders.” Somehow it seems unlikely to me that Andy Martino is writing the headlines to his pieces.

Anyway, headlines are very important to online writing. The ideal one gets the point across quickly, without giving away too much of the article, especially when some SNY “stories” are only a paragraph. So, here are some headlines at SNY that have stood out to me recently:

Mets should really sign a DH, and here are the three to get
— Yes, let’s spend more on an AAV than the club has spent all year, despite what Martino wrote about the budget earlier, and for half a player, too!

It’s actually not that hard to see a path to Mets contention
— Nope, it’s not hard to see at all. We just need every player to perform at a career-best rate. Not hard to see, just hard to accomplish.

Lastly, this group of headlines is a microcosm of the entire offseason:

A. NY has spoken with J.D. Martinez
B. Mets, J.D. Martinez nowhere near the deal zone
C. Mets target J.D. Martinez signs with XXX (This one hasn’t happened yet but it’s only a matter of time)

It’s disingenuous to list every player the Mets have spoken to as a “target.” It’s due diligence to check in with everyone available; it doesn’t mean there’s serious interest from either the club or the player.

But it’s tough to come up with stories every day for six months when no games are being played.

3 comments on “Having fun with Mets headlines over at SNY

  • juan

    Agreed, once again. I would love to inform on the Caribbean leagues (and also the off season training programs of our own players) those currently on the farm and the starting in colleges. Just got back from DR, the elections are happening there end of this month and people go a bit crazy – but in a good way. 🙂

  • TexasGusCC

    On Foul Territory the other day, Stearns was asked about the rumors that he and Martinez are in constant contact. He laughed and pointed to his cell phone and said, he and Boras talk often. I get the impression that Boras calls much more often than Stearns does.

    Snell, Martinez, Montgomery, Bellinger….. are you paying attention Pete Alonso? Are your previous agent’s clients signed?

  • Brian Joura

    And the latest — Possible Mets target Soler signing with Giants

    Hey, they mixed it up by putting “Possible” in there!

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