After the conference championship games, my playoff record sits at 7-5. So, guaranteed a winning record for both the regular season and the playoffs. That’s nice but a Super Bowl win would be a nice way to cap off the year.

Chiefs +2

3 comments on “Super Bowl pick against the spread

  • TexasGusCC

    Didn’t the Chiefs open up as a favorite by 3, I thought I heard? Well, it’s 10-3 at the half and I’ll give you the points and still take the Chiefs!!! Chiefs with a big second half!

    • Brian Joura

      I never saw a line with the Chiefs as the favorite, which gives you an idea of how strong the 49ers betting contingent is.

      So, my regular season ended at 137-123-10, while I was 8-5 in the playoffs. I think that’s pretty good for just a regular sports fan with no special insight into picking games. Slightly in the black, even after figuring in a 10% vig.

  • José Hunter

    I hope Swift won, because she is the greatest

    (Well, that is, since she covered “September”)

    I’m not sure which team that would be, because I know zip about football

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